Private Social Contacts

I installed the session APP to take a look. it’s end to end encrypted, no private data to set up, you get a restore seed phrase, and a session id code to link with others, Has the ability to have community groups, thought maybe the project might want to check it out, Would be a good telegram replacement more secure & real private, if the world goes to Crap; we may still have an avenue of contact for the projects and as many support members around the world, It maybe harder for scammers depending on how the people in the groups can interact but you have the power to not allow others to contact you, this maybe a chore for scammers to bother, there is no Phone numbers or emails connected to find you personally or data anyone can acquire.

I suggest this as our world is already insane and the changing of world leaders and kaos continues the worlds best payments network if it’s able needs to be connected to it’s people in any situation, so if you not going to release BOB any time soon or later or never, I suggest you incorporate the best solutions available to maintain a form of contact, as I don’t trust the reality that will eco through any other monitored social media platform. & it would be a back up to the forum if internet providers are disrupted, why a very secure privacy app, because it can’t put you in front of a bad counties leaders firing squad.

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