I make a lot of bridges with my fx wallet but yesterday something incredible happened to me. When I go to bridge, I click ok and the account address changes and USDT46 has flown to me, can someone help me?


Does the receiving address belong to you?

  • If it doesn’t, the funds are lost, as it is in self-custody.
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That address appeared out of nowhere…my addresses are always the same…the first two are mine, the other is not. The fact is that I did not enter that address and there is an error that the wallet made, because I entered my address correctly and my wallet is not hacked.

And the issue is that if I have received this error, who guarantees that I will not have more errors?

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Can you try to replicate this error again?

  • Try and see if another address appears, preferably with a video, so the devs can try to replicate the issue.

Don’t have to click send. Just to see if another address appears.

I just checked on-chain.

The address you sent to belongs to your classic address.

  • Navigate to your classic address, your USDT is in it.

Censored for your privacy:

As you can see, the address you sent to is your old classic address that you upgraded a year ago.

  • You probably clicked on your old address because it belongs to you and would have been in your history. This could be your own mistake and not the wallet.
  • Double check and let me know if you find it. If it’s not, let me know as well.

First of all, thank you very much.
second, yes it is my classic direction but I don’t understand how it is possible that they went there, my bridges are always fx core.
I apologize if I was hasty in saying that the fault was with fx wallet.
Thank you very much again.

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By the way, how do I control fx to be able to remove them?
bridge fx to eth and them fx snother way?
Thank you

You can do it via Keplr Wallet.

  1. Create a wallet on Keplr
  2. Transfer some FX to your Keplr on FXCore network - (start with 0x)
  3. Transfer the FX to your classic address - (start with fx)
  4. Bridge your USDT back to your Polygon address.

thank you very much