Proposal #11

What’s the story behind proposal #11 on the fx explorer??

A random person created that proposal. The proposer only deposited 1 FX, i think he just wants the public to see his message. It is only in the deposit stage.

That’s how decentralized governance work anyway - anyone can make a proposal. But whether it passes or not, depends on the whole community.

There is a hashout explaining why the 21-unbonding period is needed. Maybe the proposer can go and read it to understand.


I think the solution to Proposal #11 will be → Liquid Staking.

  • With Liquid Staking, we do not need to sacrifice the 21-unbonding period while staying liquid

CoinMarketCap recently interviewed a bunch of Liquid Staking providers to talk about LS.

I see that Liquid Staking is also coming to Cosmos from their recent proposal.

Quite interesting actually.

The receipt that you get back from liquid staking can also be re-used in protocols like Aave.

  • You lend out your receipt and get double yield → staking yield + lending yield

Although there is a lot of hoo-hah from stETH, you will still be able to get back 1:1 after the merge anyways.

There are lots of LS providers like StaderLabs, Marinade and more who have different type of LS strategies and it helps in decentralization because LS Providers distribute out your tokens to ALL validators and this helps with mass distribution and proper allocation for the long-term.

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