Proposal to add on the next wallet

When i reset app wallet on the phone many time i dont know how many address i have on any blockchain. I have many wallets with some seeds and i dont know many times where i have funds on second or thirds address,

can to be interesting to have a indicatos like this example:


That would be an interesting feature, like a notification bell alert.

1 = 1 address with funds
2 = 2 address with funds
3 = 3 address with funds

so on…

It will be a battle of balance between clean aesthetic vs convenient navigation.

  • With numbers, it looks less aesthetic.
  • Without numbers, it will require more navigation to find where your funds are at.

I did a template for seeds and QR to app like this:

and i want to change something like this to everyone can to add how many address on each blockchain.


i hope dont lose this idea.

i hope can see numbres of adresses over the blockchain icon just after import 24 words on the Fxwallet

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The template you made is pretty nice :slight_smile:

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PDF Download Here:

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