Pundi X Chain Question

After listening today’s AMA, i have a question about Pundi X Chain.

In the AMA, @zaccheah said that the gas fee for Pundi X Chain will be using the native token - PUNDIX

My question is, how will this benefit fxCore network?

At first, i thought it will utilize FX as gas fee just like how BNB is being used for everything in Binance Smart Chain.

How does Pundi X and Function X benefit each other?

Can someone explain it to me like i’m a 3 year old :stuck_out_tongue:


FX is the blockchain, so like a radio has different channels we no longer have the play our music on eth blockchain, all transactions cost are now in the control of our chain on our eco system, speed of the transactions , to understand you need to understand the differences of blockchains and how they interconnect, being on FX chain pundix data flows are uninhibited and transmitted, Xpos fee’s will be in PUNDIX because it will be it’s own Blockchain and still it’s own project piggy backs connected directly to FX core, see it as xpos has a room with a hall way the door at the end is FX core office with other doors leading out to BSC, Eth, BTC and any other network that wants to pass through FX core from one network to another, blockchains can interconnect as normally would be no bridge between blockchain’s, like exchange pairings they are not a physical bridge in blockchains they are a business that deals in allowing you to swap 1 for another.

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This makes a lot of sense, similar to what Polkadot is like. Polkadot is the “core” and there are “parachains” (side chains) that slot into the core functionality of the blockchain ecosystem.

I know that Pundi X benefit from being able to have high-speed transaction with low cost fee.

But what does Function X benefit from Pundi X?

  • Pundi X gains high-speed transaction with low cost by building on Function X Blockchain.
  • But Function X gains what? As in how does it benefit Function X actually?

That’s what i’m curious actually.

Yup i totally understand it is like Polkadot where it is the core and parachains are the ones that people built on top of it.

Although i know the basics of blockchain but i’m not too familiar if we go more in-depth.

What do blockchains like Polkadot / Function X stand to gain if other people build on top of our blockchain? haha

Like, what is the main advantage for the blockchain when people build on their blockchain? How does that blockchain benefit?

yes big difference is FX connects to main steam blockchains all together; not an eco system all about them self

with out it this don’t work, like asking why i need the engine in my car

I think this article is a good read I found. Think of Function X as like Amazon Web Services where people use it for cloud storage, running servers, building apps, etc etc, but it’s decentralized. Instead of using USD to pay for your services for hosting cloud servers for your business on AWS, you pay with FX tokens for decentralized services. Instead of amazon owning your data or hosting your websites or apps or running computer models or virtual machines, its run decentralized


function X chain is the bridge Pundix traffic crosses, It’s not charged a toll by fx because Pundix owns the bridge, xpos business pays fee’s to pundix chain validators on that chain are rewarded in Pundix rewards, FX chain carries xpos because Pundix own it, FX chain benefits from outside chains connection to Fx core and the through financial trafic, the benefit to FX core from PUNDIX is that they have their own real world blockchain working devices on chain and financial gain made by people of FX apps and earnings will flow in and out of Xpos systems as well, your financial avenues of access eventually will be endless, the point I think i’m after here is Pundix an fx feed each other one dose not need to charge the other rent as they both own the same house

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What I think is for Pundix xpos chain to work in FunctionX blockchain, a monthly server cost will be payed to FunctionX as FX. But XPOS will have pundix for fees.
Eg. I setup a ecommerce store in Amazon servers. I charge my customers in bitcoin. But I will be paying my server cost to Amazon in dollars.

But in this case both are same companies. It’s like I own Amazon servers and I host my website on it.

So a part of income in pundix fees should be used to buy FunctionX from market, so it will benefit FunctionX.

No from what i know there are not costs or charges between FX chain and Pundix chain, the chains are the exact same architecture only with different names, But Pundix chain will connect to FX core the same as eth erc20 network

this is the best explain…

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