Can someone from team clarify if PUNDIX and FX is going to be deployed on Binance Smart Chain? And if possible could you give estimated date for this?

In proposal it was mentioned

[Work in Progress] Use cases, tokens and liquidity in Function X ecosystem will be able to move in and out of BSC, including $FX, $PUNDIX, $PURSE and more.

Which would mean that PUNDIX and FX contracts would also be on BSC allowing us to move them between fxCore and BSC, so far we have seen only PURSE contract deployed.

Thank you!

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if those are their words that’s where we are heading, connections take the time they take, date are not given unless they are 100% sure it will happen that time/day or the FUD patrol uses it against us


Yes, it is a work in progress, and estimated date will be announced once its ready.

The first priority after the proposal passed, is to bridged BSC to Function X, and now it is supported in f(x) Wallet. We are working on the other points (mentioned in “Work in Progress”) right now.