PURSE-BUSD liquidity transitioning

As we’re aware, BUSD will gradually phase out.

On September 6th and 7th, 2023, Binance announced that it will disable the ability to withdraw or borrow BUSD.

It appears that soon it will also be impossible to deposit BUSD.

source: Binance Encourages Users to Convert BUSD to Other Stablecoins Prior to February 2024 | Binance Support

Since the only available option is BUSD to enter on PURSE.

Are there any plans to switch to another stablecoin in the contract pool? If so, which one?

In my opinion, USDT seems to be the best choice as it has withstood FUD and maintained a stable peg during times of crisis.


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We are aware of it and am formulating something.

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Perfect. Thank you @zaccheah