Purse token airdrop on Indonesian Exchange

Hei Pundi X,

I just saw this Purse airdrop announcement and want to know more about it (https://x.com/Pursetoken/status/1720033172485009468?s=20).

Will I receive this airdrop if I hold PUNDIX token on exchange? I am currently using local exchange (Indodax) and PUNDIX is listed on it.

Apakah snapshot Pundi X juga akan dilakukan untuk saldo di exchange seperti Indodax? @IvanFunctionX

From the post, I think there will be airdrop for holders on CEX but you will probably have to wait for the team to finalize the arrangements as it will need the cooperation of the CEXs.

Best would be to wait for the official announcement from the team.


I will wait for it. PUNDIX is big token in Indonesia,we are waiting for this airdrop.

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Hey @Mambamentality08, the PURSE official account just dropped an update.