Question on FX core gas fee

Does anyone have any thing they can send me to help me better understand the fx gas calculation?

As we all know fx is going crazy on price and this is now starting to make the fees for transactions somewhat substantial.

We are going to quickly become the problem FX was designed to fight if things stay the same.

The gas fee cost must have a method of change?

I would hate to see a $50 fx and a fee of $35

Sure it’s fast but that’s terrible.


Yes, it should at some point unhook from a set fx amount, otherwise we could end up becoming more expensive than eth, i wonder what that point wil be

Hope the team can inform us about this


Yea i noticed, it cost an average of 0.6 FX to undelegate and 0.9 FX to delegate. If the USD value continue to rise but the FX fee is still same, it is gonna cost a bomb.

FX Price - $0.5
Undelegate - 0.6 FX
Delegate - 0.9 FX
1.5 FX fee = $0.75c

FX Price - $2 (currently)
1.5 FX fee = $3

The FX has to fluctuate according to the USD value and not a fixed number of FX.


Maybe we need more nodes to stabilize the fee in the fx core.

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Hello - Indeed @Telchar, could become a Real Killer. One of the reasons why I (in general) do as little transactions as possible for NOW. ETH-gas-costs gnaw enormously, are sometimes too crazy for words - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

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hoping someone from the dev team can address this, quite costly to transact now.


no matter how you look at this It beats the hell out of ETH network

You are missing the point.

If FX market cap and price gets bigger but the FX Fee is still stuck at a fixed rate, it can potentially cost way more than ETH.

You have to look at it from a holistic pov, see the market cap and price vs ethereum.

500m market cap and at the current price of $1.20, it cost about 1.5 FX ($1.80) just to undelegate and redelegate - 2 transactions.

Although i understand that undelegate and delegate is more complex than a simple fx-fx transaction hence will be a higher fee than a normal transaction.

5b market cap and price of $12, would cost about $18.


no I understand; I’m sure they will look into it; many things to happen yet with the network and I’m sure they have no desire to have eth level fee’s; thanks for pointing it out and keeping them on their toe’s that’s what community effort is

Absolutely something to check into. For now it’s oke, but once the price will be rising, fees will outperform ETH and we are supposed to be an ETH competitor.

Fees for Fx Core seems to be static. It should adjust with live fx prices.
Heard about some chain link price reference in past. May be that can be utilized

@indra @eduardstal @DavidK @Peko @zaccheah this is a question that alot of us wants to know…


This will be key on the long term sustainability of the chain. If we are no better than eth on fees, fx is not as intresting as it needs to be to keep its accesibility


@eduardstal @zaccheah

I am tagging you both here to seek clarification on this thread as it has been coming up on 10 days since originally posted with no answers forthcoming.

Many of us are very eager to begin marketing proposals and preparing for the next stages past phase 2 but we are completely in the dark about many technical aspects of our chain.

Even something as much as an acknowledgement of the concern and planned technical response would be greatly appreciated so we can begin preparing ourselves.

Thank you


i think as soon as the dex and FX stable coins are running on fx(core) the fx gas fee should be linked to the fiat stable coin pairs instead of FX…

this should be the easiest to use and apply solution

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for redelegation it is enough to simply delegate to the node

and, of course, the presence of a flat fee for working on the network limits the use of the network due to the increase in the value of the token. This is not good

It’s something that we are monitoring, and the question of when marketcap rise will the fees increase in USD terms are on top of our mind.

Yeaps, gonna host technical sessions in Oct, stay tuned! @Telchar