Question regarding FX and Pundi X token

The FX tokens are needed to run the FXcore ecosysten. The Pundi X tokens are connected to the XPOS and primair function transactions.

I was talking with Dutch/Belgium ppl in a other post about this and we don’t understand about one thing.

Could it be possible that when one gets bigger the other one stays the same, smaller or slowly die? I thinking so far when one get succesfull so does other one too. Like some sort of marriage.

We get it that both tokens are important in their own category but we were wondering about this.

Function X & The FX Ecosystem and Pundi X & The XPOS ecosystem are two different products, it could be a possible scenario of one being more popular than the other but this shouldn’t affect the lesser popular product.

I believe that with the rise of one of the products, the other should share part of its popularity so it’s a symbiotic relationship. No matter what happens tho, we will focus on improving both Function X and Pundi X.


I was a big fan of pundix. But I thought of something. If pundix is a coin for xpos, then what future does the holders have for us. Currently, xpos have them in many countries, but so what? Holders do not feel anything. If it was invented in such a way that the fees from xpos partly reflected between the holders, it would make sense to hold on. At this moment there is no sense and idea for us. As a holder I am no longer interested in pundix.
At this moment of the two projects I see meaning and future only in the Fx project. I speak like a holder. We’ve already seen that no one thinks about pundix holders. So I decided for myself not to believe in pundix anymore but in FX. I didnt want to support anymore the buissnes of xpos. I want to invest in FX.

And when FX will be listed in Binance? Its will be very very good!

I understand. Thank you for the response :slight_smile: