Questions for allhands

@Margin X : When will Margin X release in full?

Will there be a larger selection of stocks to trade with?

Will there be stocks from other countries? Like asml, or even other industries?

@Function X: the current new user adoption strategy can be callend nothing but a failure, with the glacial trickle of new users. (Dont pretend that bump around the evm switch arn’t switching users) will there be a change in marketing strategy to increase adoption which should in turn increase partner adoption?

Any plans to stop $fx from hitting the 2020 price? At this point only a tiny group of people are still anywhere the green, and the current pace of adoption, the unwillingness to market and straight refusal by what we would like to see as partner adoption ( fxcore on exchances, listings on major exchanges, adoption and creation of dapps and evm app implementations) to see any serious movememt. At this point this project seems to have no ambition to go anywhere.

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I won’t be able to listen nor attend this time around, so here’s a few questions.

Q1. How well is functioning X is in-line with it’s road map?

Q2. Is Function X awaiting to see how Margin X performs before pushing it’s own marketing tactics?

Q3. When is the new fx Road map due?

Q4. What is the next immediate steps for Function X?

Q5. When can we expect more language support updates for both fx website and fx wallet? (hoping this will increase accessibility and more holder’s in the fx ecosystem).

Q6. Some suggestion;

a) can Baklava access the egf as a joint venture with the team, to summon funds to promote fx eco by rewarding those that utilise fx via baklava eco…outsourcing marketing that benefits everyone.

b) P(x) card could be given away to margin X winners via a particular competition or first come first served basis, (something along these lines to draw more attention to margin X, hence drawing more attention fx ecos).

c) Another idea could be to tie a few selected type of marginx-nfts to allow users to redeems the px-card…

d) px cards can at a later stage have the mx-nfts special avatar or limited or even common mx-nft printed service.

e) px cards can have a heavy duty reward system, to draw more folks to the fx eco for a limited initial period. Eg more cashback per usage (using CSP funds) to attain these.

Thank you for reading and your time - Superbit

@DavidK @Danny @orbitant @zaccheah

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