Random Number Generator

I had the chance to speak to a few companies that does quantum random number generation, amongst them was IDQ.

IDQ recently started quantum random number generation via REST API. Right now they are still not charging and am actually interested to do a first test case, maybe with Function X DApps :slight_smile:

Could be something interesting so please lmk if u r interested, not an endorsement of IDQ, DYOR.


Hi @zaccheah !

A test case would be interesting, indeed !
QRNG is probably the best source of random number generation compared to all other attempts, depending if we trust the source of RNG…
There are many ways to test or self-test it. However, I didn’t have the time to check on IDQ’s implementation.
I know this kind of tech is especially used in private key generation and random session generation in cryptographic applications.

Anyway, I’d be also very interested to see any experimental application of selected quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms. There’s no emergency currently, but it’s going so fast in the domain that I think we’ll probably need to migrate to some verified QR algorithms in the near future (5-10 years).



Hi. If we can can be ahead of security I say yes. I really don’t trust these emerging IA influx, and recently it’s API release by openai.

In the wrong hands these tools can be used in the wrong ways. And imo I suspect it will. I am by no means knowledgeable enough to speculate this, but I feel these ai will eventually find a way to get your keys on devices, since it’s all Internet connected and mobile network, Google, android, Web browsers, etc. Simply by collecting informations. Maybe the px card is the way forward with no other traces of your keys apart from the card itself…

Experience tell me that if a user can do a mistake, he’ll do it.
And if you can “help” a user to do a mistake, he’ll do it for sure.
PxCard is for sure a solution.

The possibilities are two:

  1. QRNG, which could be used for pretty easily on DApps
  2. Quantum resistant cryptography, long topic.

Well, i know, but still, i’m a dreamer.
I’m sure tendermint is already thinking about it.

I see that @zaccheah u have suggested a AMA about quantum computing, I look forward to it and think @FrenchXCore will make a superb host given his technical chops.

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It was great to meet you Zac and thank you for initiating this thread about QRNGaaS.

We are currently implementing a QRNGaaS solution aiming to distribute and unpredictable randomness to the blockchain network. The solution ensures true entropy and augment the entropy of the random number generator.

Regarding Quantum-resistances in blockchain networks topic, I though sharing here this paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-023-32701-6.pdf
I found it very interesting for the Blockchain community.
Our company has an extended QKD portfolio, currently QKD solutions is the long-term alternative for Quantum Safe.