Reducing the NPXS to PUNDIX swap period

As Zac mentioned, 99.5% of the trading volume is now PUNDIX. Does this mean that 0.5% haven’t swapped, or could this number be way higher?

If the number of hodlers who haven’t swapped is this low, I think it’s worth considering if we could reduce the swap timeframe. IMO It seems overkill to keep NPXS to PUNDIX swapping alive for another 10 months just because a few people aren’t following the charts. Who know if they will even swap during the next 10 months, if they haven’t swapped by now?

I think reducing the swap period will help create more clarity. Having both a PUNDIX [old] and a PUNDIX [new] token for the next 10 months is incredibly confusing and could be very damaging to the project. I fear this confusion could limit PUNDIX from growing through this bull market, which could be crucial when surviving the next bear market.

I hope you will consider this proposal and look forward to hear your thoughts on this.


A quick check to shows that 84.0953% of the total supply of $NPXS has been already swapped. Some wallets that aren’t swapped yet belong to some exchanges, some might be individual wallets. While it might take a little longer for everyone to swap, we’re heading in the right direction.

Our past experience with the swap from $PXS to $NPXS has helped us learn that there might be people willing to swap even 2 years after the swap, and we’ve helped them go through the process since we understand some circumstances could force someone to be unable to perform the swap, or they simply forgot haha.

On the topic of reducing the swap period, it cannot happen as we already announced a timeframe for this process to our users. We keep our promises!

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Thank you for your quick reply. I think it really is great to have this space with less noise where we can have great discussions about the future of these amazing projects. :slight_smile:

I completely respect that you value keeping your promises and are not open to reducing the swap period.

At the same time I’m a bit confused because you mention that during the PXS to NPXS swap some people reached out 2 years after the PXS to NPXS swap, and you were willing to help them. How long was the swapping period back then? And will PUNDIX be willing to help people swap NPXS to PUNDIX two years from now, after the swapping period is officially over?

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Yeah, there weren’t a lot of people who reached out to us about missing the original timeframe for the swap, we only accepted helping them as a goodwill gesture. I cannot say that this will happen for this swap as well tho, it’s very likely that most people will swap by 29th of March 2022 though.