Reporting Bug/Issues for f(x)Wallet

Hi all,

If you’re using f(x)Wallet and encounter any bugs/issues, please share them in this thread and only in this thread.

When you’re reporting any potential bugs or issues, it would be of great help if you can screenshot evidence of your issue and share them here + explain your issue as clearly as possible.

It would help us greatly when we investigate and try to resolve those issues.




Hope everyone had a great weekend

Just a reminder that if you encounter any issue with f(x)Wallet, please share them in this thread and we will get the f(x)Wallet team to look into it immediately.



You might have a pending transaction in the pipe, which dis not succeed.
You should restart f(x)wallet in a few seconds and retry…

All solved. :ok_hand:


good morning. I tried to swap Pundix on Pundix chain to USDT using Fx Swap. It sees my tokens but when I try to connect my wallet and authorize I get an error, and it throws me back to the main screen.

Please Try on Desktop Browser

Hi Sylvia. Never done that, do you have an address please?

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Just to confirm please, I can transact fine with Fxcore on MarginX, thank you. But I would have to bridge my Pundix on Pundix chain to Fxcore if I wish to swap those?

You need to Bridge from PundiX chain to Fxcore

Excellent. You’ve made an old man very happy :blush:

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