Self-Learning - FX developers

Hi all,

As we all know, EVM is coming to Function X and it will attract developer eyes to build on the blockchain. I am trying to figure out, what are the most important questions to cover on a self-learning website for devs. Kindly suggest any questions to cover here. It might help to prepare self-learning FX contents for new devs.

Web examples:


One would be : how to interface to wallet connect or directly to the fx wallet app to validate a transaction ?
This feature can be easily found on most dapps running on Elrond for example.

Just to reconfirm.

Does it mean transaction validation when a user wants to do a transaction on dapp?

For example, users are using DEX AMM on FXCore, and want to do a swap. The tx validation that you mean here is when the user needs to approve this tx (f(x) Wallet / Wallet connect/etc, am i correct?

But also to log in for example.

Sure, I think its a good concern, let me check with the related team.