Sending BNB BEP20 from exchange wallet to fx wallet was not received yet for more than 24 hours

Tx status: Success.
TX ID: 0x1f6ea0ba6403cc6e01adf123b9cb7a66fa26eae6761826de03d6d3ee76102c1a

  • From: 0x51836a753e344257b361519e948ffcaf5fb8d521
    To: 0x471be6fe77bfaf809773a78e11f0fbc7e69e137f

Reinstall apps version 1.10.1 already.

Android ver 7.0

Type: ADVAN i5C Duo

Could you check it? @indra


Hum, already saw that, try remove bnb token and purse token, restart fxwallet and add bnb first

already clear cache and data, resetting fxwallet. the result still 0

@zaccheah I success sending bnb testnet, but not in real net.

can not claim &PURSE, BNB has not received yet @indra @zaccheah

hi, let us check and get back to you

hi Nomo,

Can you send me the screenshot of f(x) Wallet, that shows 0 BNB in the address (address also required in the screenshot)

thanks in advance.

ok, wait a moment.

here it is.


Can you please try to use VPN to access?

Some countries are having this issue because of the BSC nodes. You can DM me your country location to double confirm.

loving indonesia

you are also living in Indonesia, how about yours?

Yes, unfortunately Indonesia is currently is the list. Indonesian users need VPN to access it.



but no problem with the others, eth reeived from mew, fx from staking pundix.

no problem with the others, is it a bug?

Yes, the problem is only on BSC assets.
It is because of the BSC nodes that blocks several countries.

We are still looking for solution for this case, but currently using VPN to access BSC assets is the best option.

hope to lobby Binance for unblocking, using vpn will be difficult for most people.


already using VPN but still not working