Staking rewards Claim calculation period

Hello All.

I have a few questions regarding the staking reward calculation period after reading some questions and answers in the Telegram channel.

My understanding of the hashout article [Function X: March Hash Out — Part II | by Danny | Function X | Medium](https://Staking Hashout Article)
Is that we are calculating a reward disbursement right up until the last day June 15th, 2021. This accumulation happens on a per block basis rewarding out to PundiX and FX stakers on the predetermined schedule.

My concern comes with the Claiming window for the calculation. Several posts in telegram have stated that reward calculation is done from your first claim and pooled towards your total unlock disbursement and that you will Lose funds not claimed right up until the last moment of the staking contract.

In example this would mean, I claim Today 5-11-2021 and if i do not claim again before the 15th of june, the earnings accumulated in this 35 day period are lost unless I claim again before the 15th.

If this is true that would mean stakers lose out on earnings if they do not wait until the last possible moment of the staking period.

That is impossible to time as the eth network confirmations and congestion would make waiting until the last moment extremely risky.

The way I read the Hashout written by David, especially with key phrases such as “(at least once) before or on 14th June 2021” is shown by this diagram

Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I process a Claim any time between now and June 14th I will receive 5% of my CURRENT staking reward, with the remaining 95% continually accumulating into the unlock schedule to be disbursed week to week until the final unlock date. I do Not need to process a claim exactly on the 14th if I have already processed a Claim once to receive the full staking reward. Yes I do not immediately receive the full 5% Potential earnings seeing as there is a lot of staking duration left, but it does set me up to unlock the full amount with the Future claim after 5% per week unlock.

Example - Current total staking rewards to be unlocked 1000
Claim today May 11th - 5% = 50 tokens. 95% = 950

Continual accumulation hypothetical total rewards 2000 by end of stake.
950 + 1000 = 1950 Total rewards to be unlocked

Second claim (future date AFTER june 14th)
5% unlock per week available fully disbursed after 19 weeks == 95% on October 21st.
Hypothetical claim on 21st of october == 1950 tokens.

The app itself seems to support this idea of a continual accumulation but the conversation in FX telegram chat made me confused.

My apologies if the examples or language here is muddled.


I have exactly same uncertainty.
Very well phrased question, and i’m curious about the answer from team.

Just to completely understand…

Claiming once before the 14th is all that is needed to receive the total available from the stake, as long as a 2nd claim is processed at a later date we are not missing out on any rewards by claiming early.


their confusion is how many claims they need to do, I believe the answer they want verified is; first claim 1 claim just needs to be done before june 15th anytime, if you have fx and PUNDIX staked 1 for each before june 15, even though after june 15 it’s released via weekly releases you only need to claim the last week to receive the rest of all rewards at week 19 before the 5th of Dec, this is what i think everyone want’s verified