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Secure on chain decentralised blockchain email service, to date I have not found a secure non data collection email platform I could have full trust in & not feel like I’m paying a wage for a service I rarely use; but we need with like Seed wallet security and data storage, my main issue is private web email comes at a high cost it’s still web mail with only improved security & privacy, so i use free email, It would be good to have an email service that is up to date & have total modern security & privacy old email was not designed for; I also was thinking if the service needs funds for upkeep; maybe a method of a chain delegation within the email account where all the rewards of that delegation pay’s for your yearly subscription, or the fee’s are just payable in PURSE reward with no BDL hence a benefit of owning PUNDIX and earning PURSE or simply a free email service granted to us for being eco system supporters, I would feel most secure it this was a team on chain project developed service.

In the Past it was illegal for someone to open & read someone’s personal mail; it was a jailing offence in my country, somewhere people lost their right to privacy because they classified email as a public domain; to bring back that privacy someone needs to create it & be decentralised so ruling parties can’t force anyone to disclose or create access which would be near impossible hopefully with a decentralised email blockchain service.

Personally I think this should of been a priority decentralise application of any blockchain network, and struggle to understand why it’s not, there is a large need for security in your exchange accounts and any other access that needs to list an email register; this can only be a large power product of the blockchain prepared to build it.


This is a great suggestion.

Do you remember the fx Decentralised Web Zac and Pitt showed us, a while back?

On this they showed us how a pic was sent via the fx Web service. This is important because it showed us that attachments can be sent and opened up using your keys, and only you can access it, share it or delete it.

With everyday normal uses of emails, pdf file, document supporting and links would be the challenges… Need a technical mind here to share more thoughts. But I think the team can do it.

I am also waiting for this. At the time there was a lot of talks about ipfs structures, which hasn’t been kicked off by the team yet (I can’t wait to for that, because I see a lot of potential there).

Fx mail would be such a cool Dapp. It can create a buzz for fx eco. I agree, I don’t like how my emails are vulnerable and tied to many apps, which has become mandatory for the most part.

Even a beautiful Web version would be very useful to start with.

Maybe staked/pay using fx (but these things can come later) what is important is what you said, the structure.

I’ve seen Pac Protocol team having a platform where it’s like Dropbox, drag and drop stuff as storage, maybe something similarly displayed, but has a fx mail account (on chain) tied to it all. Pac protocol atm using normal email accounts.

There is much room here for suggestions and ideas. Any technically gifted opinions would be great here too.

Another request, for the future of FX wallet, as we already have a wallet user name on our wallets, can we have a simple Private messaging app inside the FX wallet; so if say my sister wants to send me a wallet address to a device i want to send funds from we don’t have to use a none private or unsecure messaging app to pass around addresses.


Suggestion Application - as you know VeChain has a verification protocol/ blockchain for Authenticity of products & things, maybe something similar needs to be created for actual crypto blockchain networks, scammers are crazy huge in the space and the doubt they cause I believe holds back a majority of new people into crypto - an Authenticity authentication somehow is needed so when people want to get involved - authentication for all networks, it’s terrible that blockchain can create authenticity for products the world creates and protect people from buying forged products but can’t protect people from being scammed from blockchain forge networks & products.