Swap Fx(fx core) to bsc

Is there any way to chrosschain fx(fx core) coins to some other coin on binance chain?

I want to move some out, but hate eth and their fees.

I don’t think so.

No yet bro, soon EVM come to FX core means all app’s on eth chain could be applied to FX core; meaning plenty of options are coming

I just want to move my rewards of fx into bsc and diversify.
Eth is too expensive,
I still dont get the team dumped the pancakeswap plan, that would be a large on/off ramp for fx
Now where captive in the eth trap

$fx on BSC will be supported, as said several times. Timeline will be announced after EVM launch.


I’ve just joined back in after being out for a while.

Do we have a timeline/date for EVM launch?

It will go onto testnet soon and depends how long before their happy with the result from that, then it will move on chain; Zac says weeks but no promises can be made

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