Temperature Check: Meme & NFT Culture Fund

gm FX community!

Wanna run an idea by the community

What do y’all think if we launch a meme and nft grant proposal?

We’ll pick, say example, 3 winners in the 1st round.

Each team will be allocated a total of, say example, $100,000 of $FX tokens if they hit the required milestones.

Potential points for discussion
•⁠ ⁠Existing team with gameplan is welcome, any chain coming to FX
•⁠ ⁠New teams with execution abilities. (Eg: airdrops to community is bonus)
•⁠ ⁠New ideas, eg: 404, AI, DePIN, etc
•⁠ ⁠Others?

How should we measure success, aka distribute full grant amount to each team

It’s something similar to what Avalanche is doing with their Culture Catalyst Fund.

Good idea? Share your thoughts!


  • YES
  • NO
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You can fund Chihuahua tbh.

They are handling marketing for a new modular memecoin on Dymension called Dogmond.

Not many know yet. - I would trust someone who has a track record of doing memes.


Fully agree with @SCENE .
Funding Chihuahua team for a $FX-based memecoin and community would make better sense than trying to run sthg ourselves, I think…

Also, I’m being kinda frustrated to see we’d now be keen on funding 100 k$ of $FX tokens for multiple memecoin teams when we wouldn’t spend <$90k (700k $FX) previously for an NFT marketplace, 3D mobile web3 $FX game, etc.

I really think we should develop our own community before trying to bring external projects onboard (there might be a risk of liquidity leak, in my opinion). AVAX is $19B market-capped, when we’re only $75M right now. Might be too early to do that tbh.



I would Rather see the support of FXG, I have dead money invested there, your prepared to take risk on the unknown, when we already have a stuck MEME project, why not find a path to get the FXG into a exposed network and bring it to light & back to life, Fox coin would be positioned to market the 404s; it would be a good time to become a specialist there, maybe search for meme developer’s that can help him rescue FXG.

It’s like FOMO the projects now waited to long and now want to fomo meme’s to get us in on the action.

I would also like to see the BOB phone idea come back to light, surely being smart enough to come up with the concept, someone could think of another way to bring it back to life, market drop is most likely because the key BOB project had not moved forward.

Here is my idea on that I sent to Dave;
: Ever thought of Twisting the BOB idea towards supporting all Android Phones with a GrapheneOS BOB edition software that can be Uploaded onto an Android Phone and Burn onto it a Graphene/BOB_OS; release the BOB phone through Known Brands; lets people have a wider choice with ease of access, & you don’t have any manufacturing responsibility.

note the graphene OS burn to the device should also wipe the manufacturer’s OS, like turning a windows computer into a Linux system.

Supply it in a SIM/SD card package you can BUY, forward thinking of the imposable enable the PxCard to hold the OS- seed is the card, take the card on holiday then OS a burner phone,

Always appreciate your input @FrenchXCore

I believe the community / foundation / EGF / CSP are willing to vote in favor of team as long as the targets are quantifiable. Instead of asking for, say, $100,000 one lum sum with just whitepaper/powerpoints, apply for $100,000 but $ deployed to team only when milestone is reached, or if you really need the $ in advance, request $20,000 five times. I feel Baklava Space is an exemplary example of how to request grants.

And yesss, community is our blood life so lets develop it together.

We hope @Thilo_Colberg don’t give up on his baby FXG and Fox Marketplace. Function X have funded it and I can relate to @Fox_Coin’s challenges and I wish him well, rn the website is down and Twitter last active in April 2023. Perhaps one way is to rally the community and get more stakeholders in this project, esp community members.

I like @SCENE’s idea :slight_smile:


Potential points for discussion
•⁠ ⁠Existing team with gameplan is welcome, any chain coming to FX
•⁠ ⁠New teams with execution abilities

Dogmond is also not just a new memecoin (not out yet), it’s a whole new rollup chain on top of Dymension.

What this means is that they have more expertise in building and executing something compared to regular memers who just copy paste and deploy smart contracts.

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Point 1: Support working with team that has proven success,

if we were to work with chihuahua, how do we differentiate this new meme from huahua and Dogmond? cos team Chihuahua has launched a few hence likely need a unique selling point for them to launch another, other than the grant. @SCENE

Good thing is we already have something going on with chihuahua and they are cool people. Respect

Point 2: A dearth of memes in Cosmos

For better or worse, meme is here to stay. And if Dexscreener is any indication, there isn’t much going on. Maybe we can grab this chance.

Point 3: milestone based allocation

The last mistake we did regarding grant is to say " just take our money", all of us OG members should be the guardians, we are willing to give out attractive financial amount, but it has to be in phases and based on delivery.

Example (without thinking much)

  • Token launch & first 100 address (real address w historical tx, so no bots)
  • Supply $X,000 MEME/FX liquidity into f(x)Swap and/or MarginX
  • Burning keys, revoke liquidity ownership
  • media exposure (Twitter views > 5k for X posts)
  • media exposure (Coverage by CoinDesk alike)
  • media exposure (X Spaces with Cosmos elites)
  • CoinGecko and Etherscan label
  • CoinGecko or CMC MC $1M
  • Airdrop for FX community (other cosmos community welcomed too)
  • innovative meme approach (cross chain support, 404s, dynamic images)
  • collabs (eg: IPFS, filecoin for storage or
  • collabs (Chihuahua or meme for partnerships)
  • collabs Osmosis or Starport for liquidity etc)

Random KPIs that can unlock the grant of say $10k $100k or even $1M. So for each unlock we will give the team, 105 of that amount. Again this is just something on top of my head on a Sunday, those teams will know better what KPIs.

Point 4: Rewards in dollar terms

Also, since if we move ahead the application from EGF/CSP will be in FX tokens, but i do think it’s better to give those team in USD terms for each phases they reach, so they might get more or get less of FX tokens but fixed in USD.

More stable and I have a feeling FX tokens will be worth more, NFA.


I never gave up and my project is only on hold. As mentioned in the other threat we can make it live in couple of days.

Fox is my love and I put so much afford in it. Please give us the chance we did so much with the money from the last proposal .

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We have reached out to Chihuahua and suggested this idea.

Let’s wait for their response. :crossed_fingers:t2:


With all due respect Zac, we went to every possible extent to meet your requirements which just kept increasing and evolving indefinitely; we even ended up agreeing to getting grants AFTER developing products, WITH clear milestones, and still that wasn’t enough. The community was ecstatic to at last get something exciting related to solid, proven gaming and saw the potential behind our funding and addition to the FX ecosystem.

We used a whole 3 months of hard work to propose the best quality, FX-tailored proposition for you and the FX community, to no avail. You have seen the extent of our proposition and can see it documented extensively across multiple forum posts and “temperature checks…”

Seeing this MEME funding proposal now is like a slap in the face and frankly just mind-boggling.
Very disappointed to say the least.


Same for me with all the respect that I received grants……getting ignored from all employees now.

I ask month before I shut down homepage @indra for help and offered many solution that fox gaming can survive….every single one was turned down… month over month I talked to Indra and other people……

And now….50k for meme and nft each project…

I’ll post something regarding the meme and nfts fund and write @Peng @indra in person on telegram …Peng reads my messages and not even responded……In exchange they delete my logo and pool from frontend of forum and Fx-swap ….

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Hi Loil,

As I mentioned, we are waiting for the Fox team to show commitment and reach milestones. We have been very supportive of Fox since the beginning, but your suggestion is to ask us to take partial ownership of your marketplace, it is not something that we can discuss. That is not the objective of the grants.

Please do not spread any fud as well, since the pool on MarginX is not related to this topic. There was low volume and liquidity in the pool, as I was aware of. The MarginX team has 100% rights to decide this matter. All users can access it through StarScan (we are aware of this and will provide the tutorial).

Thank you.


Hi Indra,

I do not spread FUD. I contacted @Peng and you and hours later fox logo was gone…

Partial ownership was one suggestion ……
I asked also to transform our current proposal …
Or….another proposal due to operational costs ….
Or….forming a open source dao supported by function x……any kind of solution ….

The marketplace was 5-6 month still operational after I first contact you due to our problems.

I know you’ve been very supportive all the time until mid late year when I first tried to find a solution for the project……

By all respect….what do you mean with you wait for us to show commitment?! ?!?

Our proposal was fixed with a price of 0.25 usd most of the time we got money out of the proposal of 0.13-0.17 that’s a loss of 40-50% of our project money. With the money we still developed everything we promised and more!

  1. marketplace
  2. ino platform
  3. multi and cross chain support
  4. auction systems
  5. history and data bases.

Even further developments like ordinals minting via Fx core ….

I call that commitment ….at the point I asked for help everything was smooth operational and we brought people to AMA and forwarded cooperations to functionx like xp.network….

Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I did not make personal mistakes or anything….but I do not get why functionx helped me to build a nice marketplace infrastructure for the ecosystem and then „killing us“ in silence by not helping us to run it until ecosystem is set and marketing starts to grow community, deleting logo on forum ….not answering or asking in front of plans setting up the funds?!

Hi @indra !

Could we have a summary of Fox NFT marketplace milestones and funds deliveries ?
I am still fond of the original Fox NFT platform, but without the FXG token.
I would still qtrongly push the idea, considering smaller milestones but real progress reports…



That’s Indra post in another thread


Just to be clear with the EGF token allocation, there are 4x distribution (121,000 FX in total),

55,000 FX (after proposal passed): FoxGaming Proposal our preview&discussion! - #202 by indra

First Milestone (22,000 FX):


Second Milestone (22,000 FX):


Third Milestone (22,000 FX):


All transactions are recorded here: FoxGaming Proposal our preview&discussion! - #249 by indra

There are 2 parts left to release the whole fund to Fox team:

  1. Hire 10 NFT artists to launch their NFT on Fox and Function X( this was agreed before the governance proposal submission) : 55,000 FX
  2. The first ecosystem growth milestone is 5,000 transactions with 250 unique wallet addresses and the second ecosystem growth milestone is 15,000 transactions with 1000 unique wallet addresses (22,000 FX for each milestone).

In my personal opinion, the milestones left are related to user and artist requisitions, and I want to know what your plan is regarding this. I appreciate the effort to build the NFT marketplace and be part of the Function X ecosystem, but I think strategies to acquire users and artists are also important.

I want to see this before we can discuss further.

Thank you.

I don’t know anything about your business relationship.
But I know for sure that there was absolutely no communication with the community on your part. Your Twitter has been silent for a very long time; you have not answered many community questions about your project. Just silence…


You are 100% right .

As mentioned I did my mistakes too after the frustration level reached higher and higher levels.

So, maybe a rebranding and takeover of the Fox project by another team would be a solution. What would you think about this, @Fox_Coin ? (if an external team agreed to take it over, with the release of I.P. to FX foundation or the new team).
Your only mistake, I think, was to go alone… :wink:

Why rebrand :frowning: you don’t like the foxes?

The project could be split into four parts:

  1. FXG token = could be meme solo usecase
  2. Marketplace
  3. INO Platform
  4. NFT Collection = would rather combine it with marketplace since holder have benefits on marketplace

Usually, when a brand carries a low opinion, it’s not a good Idea to revive it. And from what I read, it might be a necessity here : but it needs to be clarified once and for all.