Temperature Check: Proposal to Bring Chihuahua token liquidity to FX Swap

Dear community,

As we all know, memecoins are the rage these days.

Everyone on CT (Crypto Twitter) is talking about $WIF, $WEN, $DOG, $PEPE, etc.

But these memcoins mainly exist on non-Cosmos chains such as Ethereum and Solana.

Cosmos is lacking meme culture. We at Function X want to bring meme culture to Cosmos!

To kick this off, we plan to work with Chihuahua, the leading doggo memecoin on Cosmos.

We’ve already spoken to the Chihuahua team and they are enthusiastic about this partnership, as are we.

The proposal: Bring $HUAHUA liquidity to Function X and we plan to do so by creating a liquidity pool of $HUAHUA/$FX on FX Swap.

This partnership with Chihuahua is just the start. We hope and plan to bring more Cosmos memecoins to FX Swap, thereby bringing increased activity to FX Swap and to Function X as a whole.

What does everyone think? Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts!


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Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

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You eventually heard @IvanFunctionX suggestion.
Very good Idea indeed !!!
We need a mascot. And even if I’d personally prefer a real dog like my Cane Corso, Chihuahua token is fine :wink:


As a note, Chihuahua chain (Map of zones - Cosmos network explorer) is the top 25 in the Cosmos ecosystem and it is indeed the biggest meme in cosmos.

Bring in chihuahua and cosmos people to FX ecosystem in one go.


More pairs, more fun!


Here are some info and links about Chihuahua


Governance Proposal #49 is now live!

Link: Function X StarScan

Please help us to RT: https://twitter.com/functionx_io/status/1568630810596573188


Awesome @Peng, guy and girls, please vote and let’s bring Chihuahua to fx-swap!

PS: let’s also target other cosmos meme so we can coax them on social media to come to fx-swap, any ideas who we should work on next? :slight_smile:


@Peng , @zaccheah ,

Could you please confirm the FX foundation originated proposal #51 ?
We want to contribute to the deposit but want to make sure it’s a FX-oRiginal proposal.


Yes, it is a legitimate proposal.

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:fire: Governance Proposal #50 (Function X StarScan)
:rocket: Baklava Space - FX Grants for Security Audit and PR Coverage.
:ballot_box: Votes are reaching 19.9 %
:+1: = 90.7 %
:-1: = 9.3 %
:rage: = 0.0 %
:question: = 0.0 %
:+1: Validators which voted (16):
FrenchメCore-1 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
World of FX Wizards (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Superbit123 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
nexus (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
ClaudioメBarros (Function X StarScan) (:-1:)
DAOVerse (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
FX FriendsX (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
212th FX Battalion (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Alif (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
node101 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Janc (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
SmallFort (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Aghanism (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
FrenchメCore-2 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
LeValidateurFX (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Nodes Hub 0 Fees Restake (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)

:fire: Governance Proposal #51 (Function X StarScan)
:rocket: FX Liquidity for HUAHUA/FX on FXSwap
:ballot_box: Votes are reaching 11.0 %
:+1: = 100.0 %
:-1: = 0.0 %
:rage: = 0.0 %
:question: = 0.0 %
:+1: Validators which voted (5):
FrenchメCore-1 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
Superbit123 (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
nexus (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
ClaudioメBarros (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)
FX FriendsX (Function X StarScan) (:+1:)


Thank you for the summary and update!

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