Testnet integration

Hello there. Is Function X still open to testnet integrations?

Yes it’s still


Hello Ivan. Who do I reach out to for a possible integration.

I’m a representative of Babylon Protocol (@babylon_chain on “X”), a unique protocol unlocking Bitcoin’s potential for DeFi through on-chain staking and data integration.

We’d love to integrate on FunctionX in our testnet. We believe Babylon’s secure on-chain data insights and innovative staking solutions could significantly enhance your users’ experience.

Babylon Chain is on the lookout for projects keen on integrating our timestamping protocol for BTC security and faster unbonding. Currently, we’re syncing up with Cosmos SDK chains.

For this to click, we’d need your testnet RPC endpoint.

If this interests you, I could discuss the details further.

Hi Abasiekeme,

Lets have a chat. Ping my telegram @indrawinarta.


Just ping his telegram