Token holdings are not matching in the f(x)wallet

Dear Community,

I have the following issue, my f(x)Wallet doesn’t show and therefor I can’t access my full amount of pundix tokens and some other tokens on my address.

So my tokenholdings address is showing way more then what I can see and therefor can access in my f(x)wallet.

How can I fix this so the f(x)wallet matches the tokens I have at my eth address / token holdings address?

Looking forward hearing from you.

With kind regards,

Bram van Gestel

Hi @Bram_van_Gestel

Can you share the screenshots of your issue here?

As well as any relevant transaction hash or wallet address.

I’ll ask the f(x)Wallet team to look into it.


@Bram_van_Gestel ,

I’m not from the team, but did you add the tokens using the + located on the right side of “Assets” ?


Hey @Bram_van_Gestel,

If your tokens are not showing up:

  1. Tap the + icon to add a token
  2. Add the token you desire

If you don’t see the tokens you want, head over to etherscan, copy the token contract address and paste it into the Search Bar.

Make sure you double check your holdings on the Etherscan explorer to make sure it tallies the reflected holdings in your f(x)Wallet.

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Hi Peng,

I attached 4 screenshots (note I can only upload 1 screenshot, if you can share my your email address I can send it to you):

  • Overview of my assets in the f(x)Wallet
  • Overview of my tokens part of the (fx)Wallet
  • Highlight of the PUNDIX popup in App
  • Screenshot of the contract with the full amount of tokens

As you can see I have 2739.7425 Pundix tokens in the f(x)Wallet but on my etherscan address you can see: and a different balance of 21,886.53967649328993878 PUNDIX

I dont have the full amount in my f(x) Wallet so somehow my token contract is not synced with my wallet?



Oh wait, I don’t think it’s an error.

The Etherscan address is PUNDIX’s token contract; I don’t think it belongs to you.

  • I think you might have misunderstood thinking it’s your address.


$PUNDIX Token Contract: → 0x0FD10b9899882a6f2fcb5c371E17e70FdEe00C38

You can verify it here.

From what I remembered from my past conversation with some of the community members in the last 3 years, the 21,886 $PUNDIX in that token contract was from users who sent their tokens wrongly.

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