Too many chats

Hi everyone !

It’s come to my attention that we’re probably having far too many chats opened on Telegram and it’s hard to prevent from scammers, spammers on one side, and to promote a universal approach towards PundiX, FunctionX and Purse, and to build customer loyalty.
Beside Telegram, we’re also using Twitter, …

Although community builders are putting in a lot of efforts, users can’t contribute to it because it’s too sparse. I’d be curious to know how many daily active users we have on each chat but we used to have more on XWallet TG airdrop chat than we have now.

Also, most chats are receiving lots of official communications, which is making it even harder to follow on what’s being discussed…

I would strongly recommend to work a new social building plan. I’m ready to work with you guys on that matter…



Our official chat and community connection is this forum, use the Telegram & Twitter as a medium for spreading the word and contact advise, don’t believe any correspondence that’s not delivered by the project, most any approach to the project via telegram is not only unprofessional they’re most likely just scammers ( Don’t trust or get to wrapped up with anything on telegram) the place is poison, the project has always had professional Web sites with contact details any real professional in business that mean business will approach through proper channel’s :Email provided contacts, twitter and telegram are just ways to show boat to a wider community connections & partnerships are happening. the official pages in any social media is more a place matt of official info, so people just don’t find scammer run pages, It’s a good idea if your on a medium that no other is; like say the new Thread media, to talk the the term directly like @indra then create an official page to represent the project, because i’ll bet the scammers have BS group posts in our name there already, we only need safe places to eco our true info, the people will decipher them self’s what pages & people to believe. but simply having those place matt’s in place just save’s people getting incorrect info & hopefully not scammed.