Tool development

Hi FX folks !

I’m resuming my work on FrenchXCoreBot.

Here’s what I currently intend on implementing (or already implemented):

  • on one or more public TG channels :
    • send updates about each validator status (missing blocks, self-staking changes, commission change, jail, tombstone, new validator, validator exiting active set, validator entering active set)
    • send updates about proposals (new proposal, periodic active proposal status, proposal reaching quorum, proposal accepted, proposal rejected
  • on private TG chats :
    • interaction with user commands
    • subscription to one or more validators status
    • subscriptions to one or more wallets status and onchain interactions
    • subscriptions to one or more proposal status
    • access to statistics (wallets onchain interactions over multiple periods, onchain wallets statistics)

Which features would you like to be implemented, as validators, and as delegators ?

Please note I don’t intend on implementing any TG user interaction implying transaction signing at this point !



if u implement a banana bot for fxcore it will make fx famous.

Hi @SiverSurfer !
Didn’t know about this Banana Bot !
Very interesting, thanks !

Banana gun usually work for new tokens only, imo. People won’t use it to snipe existing tokens unless there is a new brand token and the chain is integrated with Bananagun.

That’s true, but the idea of a TG bot for small wallets is very interesting…