Unstaking purse

When i try to unstake purse i get a glitch with percentage signals. I checked and can see my staked purse tokens through the starscan history but when i connect fx wallet to unstake i get a glitch and my purse token balance doesnt show up. I have tried different browsers and clearing up cache and nothing works.

Starscan Explorer is for PundiXChain and FXCore for FXSwap.
Pursetoken.com is on BNB chain.

You can’t see each other’s balance on StarScan since both operate on different chains. :thinking:

  • Where did you initially stake your PURSE?

Im sorry in bsc scan i staked on pursetoken.com

Are you able to see your staked balance on pursetoken.com when you connect your f(x)Wallet?

No it doesnt show up

Do you mind DM-ing me your staking txid on Telegram?

Okay 1 min will do it now

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