USDT on Fxcore -send or bridge

I want to cash out USDT on Fxcore.

I also have some USDT on ERC20 I need to encash.

Can I SEND my Fxcore USDT to that address, or do I need to bridge it.?

I assume there isn’t an Fx path to fiat!

Thanks, col.

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best to bridge the USDT to BSC chain then send to Binance or DEX or exchange that excepts BSC20 USDT, is the cheapest way of course you’ll need BNB in the BSC wallets for fee’s though; Don’t bridge directly to an exchange like Scene said below.

but yes any coin you want to go from one network to another needs to bridge to the network or it will probably be lost just sending incompatible coin to a different network

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Hey @Krebbin1,

You can bridge your USDT on FXCore to a chain that supports off-ramp of your choice.

  • Remember to bridge to an address that you own and not to a CEX’s address.

@SCENE @Peng ban this scammer

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