Validator / Delegator Badge

I saw that there will be a Validator Badge in the backlog on the Monday Board - Validators will be awarded with digital trophies/badges for their good behavior, and these trophies/badges would be displayed on the Validator List page & detail page.

Would it be possible to have a delegator badge too?

And it will have ranks, depending on how long that address has stayed delegated. It sort of self-promote and makes the delegator feel good in a sense, like “Hey, i’m a true loyal supporter.” and will also influence delegators to stay delegated to earn the badge.

Could be a yearly badge or by months/quarters. It will only appear on the explorer, like an icon beside your address.

1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year Delegator Badge etc - we are so close to being 1 year delegated. :relaxed:

And of course, you will lose the badge the moment you undelegate your $PUNDIX or $FX tokens.


This idea is great! Would definitely want a badge too!

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I would love to have a delegator badge, have been staking for a few months now!

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Same, have stayed delegated since launch.

But still, ho much FX should stay delegated to be considered a ‘loyal’ supporter.
How should someone who owns 100 FX be considered beside someone who owns 100.000 FX ?
That’s gonna be difficult to manage.

That’s much easier to manage for validators…

Maybe have a minimum threshold, say 1000?

Do not see really the point in this (badge for delegator).
I have been delegating for months… And I know I have been delegating.
Don’t really care if someone else knows that I am delegating or not.
It is like you said it is just for showing off. For me a badge is a bit childish.

A badge for a validator seems to me much more useful. But still, do not know if the tech people need to work on this at the moment.


People underestimate what badges and ranks can achieve. On the surface, it may seem materialistic but it actually has a psychological role that makes people want to achieve it.

Be it in games or the military, people strive and compete just to get badge/ranks.

It also motivates the delegator to stay delegated. Human by nature, are very competitive. When they see someone with something that they do not have, they want it.

And by your statement, a validator honestly just need to have 100% uptime which is already shown on the explorer for people to delegate to them. They don’t even need a badge.

Badges/Ranks may seem like nothing but it actually influences people in some way or another, psychologically to stay/strive.

That’s why LITERALLY every industry, in every company, there is a hierarchy system.

I mean the biggest part is about the rewards and rewards are I mean the biggest badge.
Since we have badges here in the forum for hard-working members. I think it’s that we don’t need it additionally for delegators Function X and Pundi X Forum
Best regards

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The forum and delegators are two very different systems actually.

Forum is where devs/community come together to present their ideas and network and not every member is a delegator, some are just pure hodlers. Long-term/Active members get their badges but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are holders or even delegators.

Badges/Ranks in delegation provide a different perspective/route. Its main purpose is to influence/motivate the delegator to stay delegated and to maintain it in order to achieve a badge.

Every established company like FTX,, Binance and many others also have this system and they are very SUCCESFUL. They rank their holders/stakers based on Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Diamond and VIP.

You have no idea how many Celsius, BlockFi & users stay staked just to achieve the badge and rank. Yes they have badge/ranks system for staking.

We should learn from the professionals. It is a simple system to keep delegators checked and incentivized.

It actually plays a big part which affects the total staking ratio. On the surface, people think it does nothing but it sub consciously influences your decision to stay staked.

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Badges are for play school I think, I’m a strong delegator but I feel no need for a good boy badge, but that’s me.

A thankyou rare NFT gift would be more inspiring

@SCENE is right. People do get motivated when there is some reward involved. More people delegating would mean more people using the wallet.

I like the idea of a NFT as well, such as that of Mission WAGMI where people who have delegated, lets say over 10k can mint a special NFT after a year or so.


Ranked delegators can be drawn into a draw at some stages perhap, or awarded an nft raffle round. Dunno just fomoing in on the idea. I suppose every little helps and won’t really cause any damage or harm to old & new supporters imo.

Not sure if Purse token can fit in here from time to time… Fx rewards would be better in the long run and when the price goes up it will be more lucrative for old supporters, but crucially having a way of keeping these tabs now can leave an opportunity to explore the idea later on.

I do think the team is a bit stretched out atm for now…

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