Validator info

Hi, I need some clarification regarding validator program. Could you please tell me where I can find information regarding reward frequency, current APY and etc. I would be grateful for the information.

Hi Eugene!

If you are looking for the reward and APY information, the f(x) wallet under the reward section shows you the current APY and estimated daily reward.

Or you can visit the explorer - Function X StarScan to see the current APY.

  • Do note that every validator has different commission fees so the APY will vary depending on which validator you choose.

Thank you for the answer. But I am looking the info for validators (validators program if such is open now) not delegators. Maybe you can provide with the contact where I can clarify such info?

You can refer to the Validator Docs over here to help you get set up - Validator Overview - Function X Docs made by @Richard

And also, this is the validator section of the forum, you can scroll through and see if it helps.

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