Verifone Partnership?

hi dear community,

i have often read that Pundix has a partnership with Verifone and that they work together on the software.
Is there anything true?

Because it was published here by BitPay:

if there is a partnership, how should i currently imagine it?

just because another provider opens up to other services do not mean that they won’t have a choice which or how many of the services they can apply to their devices

yes that is a possibility. How can we find out more information about the partnerships with these two major partners at pundix?

website look for Insite articles, and medium articles

can our pundix team also report to us? Unfortunately, you can’t find anything precise on the website …

they did long ago, it’s in there info somewhere

VeriFone tweeted about our integration at In fact, we just had a meeting with VeriFone crypto product team to update our product road map last week. Hope this help.


that’s from 2019, but is it still there? when will we get the latest news?


latest news is what Peko just told you, straight fresh off the press

yes last week :ok_hand:t4::+1:t4:

we can be curious :star_struck: