We need a NFT Marketplace

Let’s look into using NFT to boostrap some liquidity on Function X.

With the state of FOX Marketplace, we need a new marketplace.

Does anyone know of any good implementation (evm) that we can work with the team to bring them over to f(x)Core?


I found this… Not sure this IS what you’re looking for…



And maybe use a good chunk of FXDM budget for it


what about revive FOX marketplace?

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@Fox_Coin how do you think?

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That could be an alternative solution. Fox NFT marketplace revival would also require to negociate an FXG tokens buyback and some changes…

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Maybe fx team need fund for fox to listing on mexc on FXCore chain support too

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I’m not very fond of the Idea of an Nth token for NFTs if it’s an FX-funded initiative…


On another hand, I’d love to see an external project to succeed over FXCore.


I’d love to see one too. Does anyone know any team that is interested to build.

Is there any idea how to differentiate ourselves from the mass NFT marketplace out there?


we need the nfts first I think, if we have nfts then marketplaces could come more easily

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This is rich. You have FOX NFT Marketplace already no…? What purpose would this new marketplace fulfill that FOX hasn’t already unsuccessfully tried to do?


i think the best place to find projects finding funds on blockchain world is Linkedin.

Many years ago i have been finding funds for my project on many places and finally and late i understant that best place is Linkedin.

Many businnes Angels are moving blockchain projects and they need funds. And we have funds.

But I think that the best way to finance is through contests and filters by scale, just as when a start-up seeks financing from banks or business angels and has to go through competition among many suitors to be financed.

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@zaccheah ,

I agree with @Tarestyles !
We had the Fox NFT market place, which was pretty nice actually !
Any chance we could fund the “left-to-do” tasks and proceed with a FXG->FX trade mechanism so that we could have some continuum ?
Of course, this would require @Fox_Coin to agree to this, and to share his project.

Anyway, I would be very supportive of this, considering we would refocus on $FX coin, using community pool (107M $FX currently).

And as for the differentiator question, I’d say a good one would be to consider IPFS to store NFTs content as well as considering FXNS (FX name spaces) and other registries : such as an “openID” server based upon a web3 account, phygital collection signed pictures, i.e. real-life applications.



I m happy to see FOX NFT Marketplace to come back, but i am not aware of their status or if there’s any further development on their side anymore.


I would rather not see it revive.

In case you guys forgot, Fox Marketplace was outsourced to random devs.

  • It isn’t built with their own circle of network.

If you want to lower the probability of another failure, collab with a ready-to-go team that has its own devs without needing to hire external devs to work on it.

Also, the marketplace wasn’t really working that well when Fox launched.

While I understand the community’s eagerness to onboard a project, let’s not forget critical thinking.

Anyone can hire a dev from Fiverr and create a random marketplace in the short term, but the outcome of this is that updates will be slow and features will take way more coordination.

  • My bad if it’s too straightforward, but I don’t like beating around the bush.

One way to differentiate from other NFT marketplace is to embrace NFT-Fi.

DEXes are DEXes but some are differentiating itself by making itself into a Suite of Tools.

  • Jupiter/SyncSwap - DEX, Perps, DCA, Limit Order, Launchpad

NFT marketplace can have its marketplace with some features that are not available on common marketplaces.

Some examples:

  1. NFT Lending ( only makes sense once the community / users grow bigger )

  2. Multi-select Sweep

  3. Speed (Blur>OpenSea in this regard: Faster transaction processing and real-time update - 4s interval - this is very important to snipers, it’s a feature a lot of users want)

  4. Multi-Currency options (USDT/USDC/Native Token/Others) - Discount for certain tokens

  5. Social Features (Blur allows users to follow, comment on digital assets, and interact with other users)

  6. Raffles for every certain number of transactions ( The more actions, the more raffles tickets - lottery draw / spin the wheel inspired)


Well Zac, FXgora is 90% finished (https://fxgora-client.vercel.app/). We had already forked to FX Testnet and started integration. Options include NFT Minting, FX Support, and Auction system. Straightforward, stable and proven (OpenZoo.io)
Just say the word and we can sell it to you including integration and further maintenance discussion.
I am assuming you started this thread to spark discussion, so here it is.


Love it already !


how about your poker
will you deploy to fxcore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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