Whalehunt, lets find our last whale for fx staking


I’m making a last effort push on twitter to find our last whale to stake the remainder for function X to go live. Please help by retweeting

Join the whalehunt, retweet for maximum spread​:fire::fire::fire:


How much does someone have to invest to be considered a whale?

In this case we are not seeking outside investment. We are asking for the current holders to commit to the stake. There isnt enough FX available for purchase at the moment to complete the stake if you look at the available funds on the various exchanges and uniswap.

There are several very large 1mm+ fx accounts that could have finished the stake with ease, but didn’t. The goal is to support the project and show them that they should help complete the mainnet launch for their sake and for ours.


Since we can’t re-stake, how can we assist

Continue to support the devs and remain positive. Hopefully the large holders will come through.

Thanks and agree!

I’m a bit of a rookie, I thought that new Fx investors could purchase and then stake? Or could they not swap BTC or other coins for PundiX, then swap to Fx an stake that?

You can absolutely buy fx in multiple ways, however the issue is that there is just Not enough on the exchanges to buy.

If someone wanted to buy 2mm usd of fx right now at a fair price he couldn’t. The exchanges have very low liquidity.

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Okay so all I need to do is buy a large amount of fx? How much is large exactly, just a range please?

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i’m not understanding why they dont stake though. failure to launch mainnet would cause their own tokens to lose value. whats the gain in this? i fail to see whats in it for the whales not to launch mainnet.

In btc over a 1000btc, but i think that those having 1m usd in fx can already be called a whale

at the time of writing this message we need 8M fx, which is pretty large indeed.

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You’re going to need to buy over 8 million FX tokens if you want to push us to MainNet in one go. At current prices that is about $2.7 million USD