What is next?

What is next for the project?

What other erc20 tokens can we bring onto FXcore? Can we bring them all? Would be great to get day traders onto the network.
Can we bring Bitcoin onto FXcore?

What other Fxwallet features can we add?

What about new exchanges?

Do we have a time line?

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read the hash out posts we are still in the first stages of the main net release and waiting on the start of PUNDI X chain to go on to FX core for xpos onboarding to fx core

Yeah I have read it. I want to know more details. We need to keep pushing on. Timing actually means alot now in crypto, you snooze you lose. It’s good to have clear goals and a timeline set forth. Also regular updates are nice too.


I agree, it would be great to have day traders on fxcore or at least something that would bring more transactions to fxcore.

I’m seeing like 1 transaction every 20minutes on the blockchain. Not really active.

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we’re a fairly young chain,
we’ve got some functions up and running now, the good ol’ regular tx, fx delegation and crosschain txes.

we’re testing dapps to deploy in the background, and thats when the fun begins :slight_smile:


If you dont mind me asking, is there any estimated timeline for dapps to be deployed? Q3 or Q4?

Thank you for your reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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check out today’s hashout :smiley:
theres some stuff we can look forward to :slight_smile:



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thanks for linking it, i shoulda done that, my bad :smiley:



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