What's the future of the PURSE coin?

Purse coins continue to fall in price.
What’s your plan for the future plans?

Help me, please.

Vouchers, merch, NFTs and many more. The ideas is endless.

It would be great if we can redeem for real life merchandise or supermarket vouchers.

In Korea, I don’t know the purse coin well.
I hope we can promote it.

Should we open a Korean sub category in this forum?

Koreans are interested in coins.

It is already listed as fx and punundix on the Korean exchange.

But I don’t think I know “purse” well.

Upbit and Bithumb are the Korea Exchange.

Hi, we are working on it.

There are some limitations because of BSC support on centralized exchanges, but just want to inform that we are currently talking to exchanges for Purse listing.

Please stay tune for the announcement.