When i try to claim earnings from pundix staking it says insufficient eth gas but allows me to claim earnings from fx staking

I am little bit confused regarding claim earnings. When i tried to claim my earnings from pundix staking, it says insufficient eth gas…

Also, last week it did not unlock my staking reward in this pic.

But when i tried to claim my earnings from fx staking, it allows me to claim. From this pic

How come it allows me to claim Earnings from fx staking but not from pundix staking.

Have $300 worth of eth
Already did first claim on time.

Thank you.

could be just a dodgy network connection / interruption, do a reboot and use wifi, some times when it’s rejected me I’ve just hit it to go again and it’s worked the second time

I tried but still the same. thanks.

gas fees at this moment are around 100$

Is cheaper between 04 and 09 gmt and weekends

I’m experiencing the same thing. Rewards from staking FX is around 4-5x cheaper to claim than rewards from PUNDIX staking (yes, I have done 1st claim for both). Is there any particular reason for this?

i have tried that, it allows to me claim earnings from fx staking but says insufficient gas fee to claim from pundix staking. do you have any idea why to claim earnings from pundix is 3x 4x greater than claim earnings by staking fx

I’m having the exact same issue. I reset, deleted my wallet, reinstalled it and recovered it and it still gives me the same error.

Me to… it always says (insufficient eth to cover the gas fee and I Have almost 250 dollar I’m eth, any suggestion, I don’t what to lose that reward.

Same here. Also had around 300 dollar of ether. Pundi x and fx rewards, both always shows ins, ether .
Tried claiming for 10 days now ( different times a day / night )

Also rebooted, disabled WiFi etc. Nothing does the job…
Hoping we can claim before dec 5th.

Same here, even at 70 gwei I wasn’t able to claim. Not from pundix staking, nor from Fx staking. There are only 3 weeks left to claim and I fear my rewards will be lost.

@zaccheah @indra … Can you guys please at least answer the question…even at 75gwei with $500 eth…it says insufficient gas fee… for me especially with pundix staking earnings… but allows me to claim earnings from fx staking earning… what’s the reason behind…I believe its more than sufficient with $500 to claim at 75gwei…Holding since 2018…customer service is at worst condition…most of the early investor has already left …and there is so much bad vibes in social media…at least let us know whats the reason behind it… and how much eth gas we need to add up…

Same here, but just received an answer with a transaction sheet as an attachment. I saw a ETH price of 644 dollar for the smart contract claim, and they say after that it could be that less ETH will be charged in the end…so very very expensive gas prices. Hopefully it will be low before december 5th.

but what i did not understand is with same gwei to claim earnings from staking functionx is 3.5x less gas fee. Here is the screen shot with same Gwei to claim earnings from functionx staking…

Guys, the transactions are not the same complexity in one case and in the other one. That’s the reason, I think, why prices are so different.
However, you should be able to claim your PUNDIX staking reward in FX pretty straightforward, especially since ETH fees are quite low at the moment. Anyway, if the gas price is set higher than necessary, the difference should not be consumed.
It worked pretty nicely for me (2 or 3 weeks ago) ; so, I don’t really understand why it’s not for you. Did you try to update your app ?

Indeed. It simply doesn’t work. Last 3 weeks I tried hour after hour. Never enough ether. I updated the app. I resetted my wallet twice. I tried with WiFi on / off - only on 4g. So I already asked the developers if there is a problem in the app or on some ether accounts maybe. Still no answer on that…

This issue seems legitimate.
Could someone from the team escalate the issue or at least answer those people ?


Our team is still checking on this. But as a note, the team has no control of the gas fee.
And you need to have enough amount of ETH to process to the next page (confirmation page).

We understand. Did you saw this thread?

Someone looked into this problem…

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@indra ,
Please have a look. It seems like something is wrong currently, and preventing everyone from claiming their staking rewards, whatever the gas fee is… It’s never enough.

thank you @Padje for quoting my previous post. @indra please look into it guys, its pretty inconvenient and the deadline is really, really close.

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