Xwallet app on the f(x)Core

How about the xwallet app?
Is that something that can run om the f(x)Core as app?

And in the xwallet there are couple of dapps that could be moved to the fx core as seperate dapp, like the Crypto Zoo.
I think especially Crypto Zoo is worth while developing further as defi dapp on the fxcore.

I noticed that, when i open the f(x)wallet app, that i also get notifications from the xwallet app, even if xwallet app is closed on my phone.
So maybe there is already some technical link between the 2 apps…?

(I’m technical noob, so dont know if my question makes any sence, regarding centralized vs private apps?)

Edit: additional question, will there be any portal (something like play store) where dapps on the f(x)Core can be downloaded?
Something like: F(x)Store :slightly_smiling_face: