XWallet decommissioning | An idea for withdrawal of small quantities

Good morning to all! I know that all our colleagues in the Pundix ecosystem have received the news that the xwallet will be decommissioned and that the funds have to be withdrawn by December 31st of this year at the latest.

This situation has generated a problematic situation as some of its users indicate that they have small funds that they cannot withdraw due to the excessive fees charged. In the ethereum network, around $15 is requested.

It is necessary to understand what is going on here to come up with possible solutions, as it is not known if the Pundix team has any plans to provide any kind of solution.

On the part of Aria Network we are willing to develop a system and smart contract that allows those people who have small trapped funds to receive them within the f(x)core network with not excessive fees. (Relax, it is not a proposal, we are willing to develop it for the community for free :smiley: ) But for this it is necessary to know if the Pundix team is working on any solution, so as not to make an unnecessary and repetitive effort.

Another important point is to know the opinions about it, we should map how many xwallet portfolios have small funds trapped and how much would be the amount of it. This is also an opportunity for our community not to abandon us, but to be active within the f(x)core.

If the idea is feasible, we will gladly start developing it :slight_smile:


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I’m happy you talked about this because I almost forgot to !

It’s a very good question, and many users have been frustrated in the past with PXS->NPXS->PUNDIX denomination changes and issues…

If I may, since XWallet seemed to be a custodial solution, would the team agree to work on a XWallet->F(x)Wallet migration plan for most tokens ? (i.e. consider transferring user tokens in a single transaction thru 1 centralised team wallet, then redistribute to users based upon their new f(x)Wallet FXEVM address using the integrated Telegram).

It could bring lots of new users to F(x)Wallet, increase user satisfaction, and cost a minimum of fees (1 big ETH TX and many FXEVM TXs) which could even be funded thru a proposal…
Or maybe should we consider burning the custodial XWallet ERC20 FX and PUNDIX tokens, and just airdrop a CSP-funded quantity of $FX to new whitelisted FX users.



it’s been asked on telegram for a poll, but as things are better done as a voted proposal, maybe if the project could have a few proposals on what is possible to do with the unclaimed funds, to all start and finish at the same time if one passes that’s what happens if all pass it’s split between all passed proposals,

choice requested was funds to go to charity

my choice would be to marketing & project development

Burn all in PUNDIX I think would be popular

I suggest all unclaim reward fx be burn

Well, it has been 3 days since I opened this discussion and there is still no official response.

It’s a good idea that unclaimed rewards go to marketing and project development. But in my opinion before making a decision the whole situation should be mapped out, which is what I said from the beginning. How many holders exist in the xwallet, how much the amounts are, how many active and how many inactive, etc.

Let’s assume that the total amount would be insignificant. Therefore, it would not make sense to make any effort to offer the projects as it would be more expensive to develop the solution than to just leave it there.

I stress again that it is important to have a total view of the situation. At the end of the day it also benefits the project itself on the way to decentralization.

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In the zoom meeting last night the answer is no funds will be accessed of the unclaimed funds, which will be to tinny to warrant the withdraw because of fee’s, funds left behind will be left behind.

anyone with small funds there was some info of fee’s adjustments to assist those possible to exit, I would review the past zoom meeting recording for anyone wanting info on this subject, then contact the support email.


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