Zac: Ideas on how to deploy funds for developer when EVM support launches

Hi guys and girls,

As we move close to EVM compatibility on our Mainnet, how do you think we can incentivize developers to draw on the EGF funds for developing DApp?


I think we should waive the deposit for the first month or two to remove the barrier to entry. Obviously, we would still vote in whether to approve it or not but I’m sure some devs would be more willing to put in a proposal if it’s not going to cost them anything. On a side note, I think this EVM is a great idea but why are we not focusing on allowing devs to build directly on fxcore?

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Maybe personal approach to developers and development agencies by markering team.
Personal is always good and gives opportunity to explain how things work and to enthuse.

And maybe a promoted advertisement post on Twitter.

Active partnership developments should start with a combination of developer bounties & outreach programs to invite newer programs or smaller projects looking to escape the Eth environment.

@zaccheah if you like Fox Gaming can make the start.
We made huge progress already, and we plan to launch in january our NFT Marketplace “Foxchange”
Fox Gaming would love to present the FX Chains NFT as main marketplace :slight_smile:

i alreadys shared first outlooks :slight_smile:

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I love the progress that has been made. @zaccheah we should definitely be looking at how to get all of the current projects incentivized to use FX as the enthusiasm is already here and loyalties earned. From there once we have complete curated the developers such as @Fox_Coin and @kenorb then we should look externally.

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@white_snow Any type of Dapps you can build?

Just catching on up fx forum threads, a lot of ideas and messages to go through. This topic is important imo, so much so that it deserves a greater attention from the wider communities.

How do we identify what incentives?

  1. What’s the budget, per Dapp?

  2. The total budget in total, from the Dev side of EGF is 20%, so does it have an end height, eg first 50 Dapps are incentived? Or no end date? But probably best imo to leave some reserves after this introductory period.

  3. Let’s say first 50 Dapps, perhaps leave open for Dapp operators to decide with few options, as we can dicuss or (brainstorm) for them to make their decisions easier, more clearer, such as;

A) Youtuber shiller payment, under a ceiling height, that they may want to promote their Dapp.

B) fx converted to USDT payment bonus sent…, under a ceiling height, devided by the total 50 Dapps promotional program incentives EVM.

C) Refferals bonues in general (engaging wider communities, inside and outside of fx eco), but a bit more of bonuses, if one Dapp operator on-boards another Dapp operator. No limits either, for both ideas.

D) Publications assistance, maybe this comes along with the EVM program, by the foundation automatically, tweets etc but anything else we can maybe throw in here… One suggestion could be to make a deal with a crypto journalist/s with a single payment using a percentage egf funds, to publish all related Dapps launched on fx… Same could apply to twitter shillers, I have no ideas the fees they charge, so all my maths here in this point and suggestion could be wrong…

E) Ensuring back end support to On-boarding dapps, inclusive in bold writing.

F) Top, or favorite Dapp every quarter can be given another bonus for being picked by community, Usage or something else…

G) Dapp operator give away promotions, using these funds to draw even more users, within fx eco or outsiders.

  1. If any Dapp is feasible to launch on XPOS and its usecases surrounding the payment services, is desired and can be awarded another bonus.

  2. High user-based Dapp can be given another addition/special freshhold of USDT reward on top…

  3. I can’t think of anymore, please add more. There is no right or wrong ideas, this is brainstorming, anything goes, plz add your thoughts community.

CC: @zaccheah @pekowan @DavidBenKay


Maybe back the first 10 or more with a 10k FX incentive if their proposal gets through voting means your money back and a 10k Fx bonus incentive, this way they see a bonus to put in the effort but we do not take away the reason the 10k entry fee is there.

Extention: the first 100 entries go into a community Vote for a larger bonus prize pool for 1st 2nd 3rd best apps voted by the community of a significant prize


@JL23 here’s certainly a barrier to entry with the 10,000 FX deposits required for each proposal, I believe that this requirement should be lowered at some point, lesr people risk losing their deposits if a proposal doesn’t pass. Our intention as David Ben Kay and I mentioned to start with a higher deposits is that it is easier to lower it than to raise it. Maybe it’s time to lower it. As for why EVM compatibility matters, this discussion has widely been discussed.

@Fox_Coin looking forward to ur marketplace!

@Superbit123 as always you have been meticulous, I think a safe range would be USD$50,000 - USD$100,000 worth of $fx per application for DApps development, if a DApp requires more, they can always come for more. I also think the deposit fees of 10,000 fx is too harsh, and while we wait to change it on the code-level, we should somehow subdize the applicants. We could also reference UniSwap Grant to understand the ballpark, and given that UniSwap is much bigger than us, I think our allocation is by all means not small.


step by step, initially a minimum viable product,

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