Zac: ultimate short guide to claiming

Hi guys and girls,

A simple and crystal method for claiming and/or redeeming. redeem is withdrawing your principle, and claim is withdrawing your reward.

  • 16th - 21st June is the window for users to claim their first reward in order to qualify for 100% reward. Even if you miss the window, as long as you do it before 30th June you will qualify for 100% reward. The window is just safety buffer.

  • For the $fx pool we encourage you NOT to redeem until we hit 20% of total supply staked to help launch Mainnet. Claim between 16th - 21st June but NOT redeem. You can redeem anytime later and not lose any reward.

  • Once you have claim your first reward, you can claim multiple times till 5th December or just claim it once right before 5th December. Both will get you ~100% reward but the latter will safe gas fees.

I’ve also mentioned it here and here in this forum.If you want to read the long answer, here’s the complete HashOut guideline.

======= more info: 15th June update ======

The first round of $fx and $pundix staking has officially concluded. Here are some figures and action items.

  • 10,500,000 $fx worth ~3.6M USD will be distributed as claim reward. You may perform first claim from 16th - 21st June for your first 5% and continue claiming the rest til 5th December. You are NOT required to redeem, just claim is enough to get first 5%.
  • For those that used $fx token to stake, you can claim the 5% of your rewards now. Keep your original $fx in the pool by NOT redeem it to help launch #FXCore mainnet. We need 20% of $fx token in the pool to launch and we are very close.
  • Users will not be able to stake more $fx to increase the supply, but we need to launch Mainnet, any whale with significant $fx that is willing to transfer directly into the contract (0x8fb0FCbE3B8F3183E192B1071EE4AB3ab9588332) to get us to Mainnet launch. If you are a whale and do that in next ten days, I will personally airdrop more $fx to you.

======= more info: 21st June update ======

After discussing with the team, especially @DavidK we agreed to set 27th June 23:59 Sunday as the final date. If upon that date not enough whales (>100,000 fx and more) come forward, the foundation will fill up the remaining to reach >75M $fx tokens in fx pool, and launch Mainnet seven days after. Reason foundation decided on this because we don’t want to see >90% target go to waste.

Before 23:59 Sunday, whales can still transfer in as some did over the past few days. If you have > 100,000 fx you can do a transfer to the contract (0x8fb0FCbE3B8F3183E192B1071EE4AB3ab9588332) and we will transfer back 110% (principal + 10%) once Mainnet goes live. The dateline to do this is Sunday.

Hence Sunday is the hard cut off date and once we fill it up, Mainnet will go live in seven days!


Thank you sir very much, can’t wait until Mainnet launch, feel like a little kid again opening his birthday presents


This is new info for me, or am I mistaken?


Thanks, Zac


Thanks @zaccheah for detailed explanation.

Thanks boss


I will implore the pundix community to do the same with all there social media to help spread any update from the community always… it will be very helpful.


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You did your homework, 30th June final claim date was not shared publically because we wanted people to stick to 16th - 21st June window to claim in case of any major TX flux or people simply forgotten. Anytime before 30th June is safe, really.


[Claim] reward without redeem principal - let’s launch the mainnet together


Thank you for explaining @zaccheah
But now I am even more confused…what does the date 14 or 15 June represent?

The 15th of June is when rewards for staking stop accumulating on the smart contract

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Thank you mr zac

Thanks Zac

Thankyou very much!!!

Thanks Zac,

I’m really concerned that there is mass confusion in the community on the process with staking in the lead up to critical dates, one of which is TODAY!

Staking levels have dropped significantly in the past few days and it’s a worrying development. Clearly people are confusing claiming versus redeeming and they dropping out of the staking pool as a result.

Can the team put together an urgent comms push to try and turn this around? I’ve been doing everything I can but I’m only one person.

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But that is exactly what this message is about though.
It’s all explained in this post bij Zac.

And this post is also on tg and Twitter and redit.
People have to read.!

Yes, you are right.

In my opinion there was some confusion from the beginning of the staking event.
Especially about when to claim. (On or just before June 15, between 16 and 21st of June, at the latest June 30)

My positive feedback to the team, for a next simular event would be to make a statenent message like in this post right from the beginning.
With clear deadlines, something like:

  • staking event starts on April xxx
  • staking ends on June 15
  • advice to do your fist claim between June 16 and June 21
  • but no later than June 30
  • claim the rest at the latest on December 5

The hashout about staking was very informative, but a little technical, but missed some clear summery as above.

I know, easy to say afterwards, but i mean this as a positive input.


You are spot on Jan!

Admin are asking for people to stay staked in FX to the 21st to wait for the late comers :muscle::pray::rocket:


Why are there late comers? Can someone please explain? Are there people who do not know about the stake? Seems confusing, I can understand maybe someone waiting for the last day, but even then I do not fully understand why someone would do that.

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Could the team maybe fill up the gap?