Just wondering : what is in for PundiX investors when ZeelaPay is using XPOS on Polygon, or when using BSC or ETH networks ?
I can’t see any PUNDIX burnt… However, PundiX investors paid for XPOS engineering.


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as far as I’m aware any TX done on Xpos Involves PUNDIX fee’s as being the main chain Xpos will run from, the tx may be for other networks but the chain leger and TX records are on PUNDI X Chain if I understand correctly

That’s what I would expect as well.

But for the past few years, it has been running on ethereum network right? Those transactions wouldnt show up on our explorer, would it?

I assume it did, that’s why PUNDIX burnt would have been so low, except for Swap periods.
DeXPOS should change that if it’s running on PundiXChain.
@zaccheah , any info ?

I assumed that any transaction run on Ethereum would only appear on etherscan and not fx explorer. But once they changed it to Pundi X Chain, then it would appear.

But if a customers comes in and wanted to pay in ETH using ERC20 or Bitcoin using BTC network then it still wouldn’t appear on fx explorer if i am not wrong. Because the customer’s fund is all in the original network.

The burns come from transaction made with the XPOS. So everytime a transaction is made, part of the fee goes to buying back PUNDIX and burning it. I think this was the original route?

Selling XPOS to merchants/retailers is part of Pundi X’s revenue i think - that’s the business part of the company. Correct me if i am wrong.

Since every company has at least 2 sides.

Business part which keeps the company sustainable - salaries, employees and R&D.
Software/Crypto side which enhances the QoL of the customer’s and consumers.