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Sorry, but I have another question.

It seems ZoidPay decided to build on ElrondNetwork, which is an extremely good news for the entire crypto world : things move fast and quick.

How do the team plan on accelerate building the onchain-payment industry within the next quarters ?
We have a very limited visibility on the project roadmap, and I’m afraid to say that I would really appreciate some insight.

What I have in mind:

  1. open up PundiXChain mainnet to public validators ?
  2. launch EVM on FxCore and PundiXChain ?
  3. have F(x)Dex run on FxCore mainnet ?
  4. deploy FXUSD and a contract for FX/PUNDIX-to-USDx automatic transfer (for merchants) ?
  5. launch DeXPOS ?
    6a) negociate FxCore deployment on some centralized exchanges ?
    6b) will we have FX and PUNDIX contract deployed interchain on BSC, POLYGON and TRON ?
  6. Cosmos redistribution and roadmap v2 intentions ?
  7. Tokenomics rebalance between the team and the users ? 65% were initially intended for the users…


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Problem is the illusion people are falling for and freaking out Pundi will loose the grip on being The blockchain crypto payment system, “Team” maybe some sort of advertisement to strengthen a better mindset for people to better understand our unique ECO system is still Unique and all other systems will only help the adoption of Xpos; and probably in some fashion others are more likely to incorporate xpos to further their reach not reduce ours, I understand there will be many crypto payment systems in the future; but while we are unique we should leverage this as much as possible until we have real competition, it’s my belief that Pundi should build a video advertisement that iterates the message. along the lines of the video on Youtube a while back as an unofficial Pundi video only an official one & pointing out our unique qualities a little more informative; I believe this is one of the major things the community wants to see from the project. or a video fully endorsed by the team if someone from the community or Media world would create one & a reward from the EGF given to a winner or someone propose an AD to receive EGF payment. there is plenty of Project video that could be sliced from to build a powerful message for someone with the time and ability and fully understand how unique PUNDIX is.


I was probably misunderstood : I’m not talking about fear here, I’m talking about visibility about the roadmap of PundiX/FX ecosystem.
But, of course, advertisement would help as well.


All good Brother I was not quoting you, I’ve seen a lot of People have many common reactions every time another payment option surfaces, my suggestion to toward that visibility of our unique nature many don’t seem to understand. you want basically the same thing only in a white paper, I want it in a video.

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