18th Nov All-hands Meeting

Hi fam,

Drop your questions here for our upcoming AMA session.


What’s happening with XPay? Can you update us on that? Wouldn’t adoption be more quicker if websites started accepting xpay compared to xpos? How does XPay fit into the whole ecosystem? Will it be a different chain.

Twitter seems to be building a crypto team for adoption, do Pundi x and function x plan on approaching them first?

When will Fx be available on pancakeswap?

What features will be usable in the dex alpha?

Congrats on the marketing, we saw several adds come by for pundi x and xpos.

What is the planning with codeless tokens and chains?

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What’s FXUSD?

You mentioned in AMA with Gokhshtein Media that we can expect 2nd layer2 on fxCore. Can you talk more about this and purpose of it?

What are the potential first few pairings that will be available in the DEX that is made by the team?


Any more? Stablecoins?

What are the team and community doing about exchange supporting, fxchain and pundixchain?

Better still

When can we crosschain our pundix and FX to bsc ?

At least we can get to make in and out transactions without the fear of ETH??


Is all I get from my personal community about pundix…


Why is claiming earnings from staking pundix is 3.5x greater than claiming earnings from staking fx…even though it’s in different smart contract…i don’t believe there should be huge difference in gas fees

Here is the screen shot
Gas fee to claim earnings from pundix staking

and gas fee to claim earnings from functionx staking

Same gwei but to claim from pundix staking is 3.5x greater than to claim from fx staking.

Any reason behind it?
Thank You.


why make pools on the network where the commission for the contract at $ 500? 95% of people don’t have that kind of money, you’ve made your network why don’t you do it in it?

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Trying to claim reward for staking Pundi X tokens, but 550 dollar worth of ETH wont cover the fee for the transaction. Many people might loose their rewards since they wont be able to claim those tokens until the 5th of DEC deadline. Any solution from the team to avoid such a devastating issue?

did you make a pool for one whale? but put $2,000,000 and take all 77,777 coins

Could you pick a name for our Dex? Or if you want us to vote on it… give us 3 or 5 options?

The pre governance staking was made before main net was launched so they can’t change it. It was made on Ethereum’s network.


  1. PUNDIX shareholders : How do you envision the share of holders in PUNDIX ? Currently, the 7 first PUNDIX holders hold more than 75% of the tokens (compared to 43% in FunctionX).
  2. PUNDIX burn : Will the NPXSXEM converted into PURSE (and the unconverted NPXSXEM) will be burnt as PUNDIX when deadline reached ? Will the NPXS unconverted into PUNDIX will be burned as PUNDIX when deadline reached ?
  3. f(x)wallet bug : many users complain that they are not able to claim their FX reward for staking PUNDIX on ERC20 (summer 2021). Their claim seems legitimate as this might be a serious bug in the app or the smart contract. Will you seriously investigate this issue ?
  4. Proposals quorum : it seems the only votes which reach out the quorum are those initiated by the FX/PUNDIX team. Will you think of a lowering of the 40% quorum, at least at the beginning ?
  5. f(x) wallet : when will we be able to vote for proposals directly from the f(x)wallet app ?
  6. Fx public main nodes : what actions will be taken on the team’s FX mainnet nodes to allow for some room for public mainnet nodes to be selected ? (increase commission, re-delegation of some of the team’s tokens to public nodes, etc.)


  • When PundiX is going to be open for community testnet and mainnet validators?

I’m talking about the liquidity pool, why launch it for the community and then cover all bonuses with 1 investment of $ 2,000,000. and as a result, the bonus received for the month does not cover gas costs, the approximate distribution of the super offer from the company is $ 1 per day from $ 5000. gas costs $ 500 and will not be less + -

what kind of decentralization are we talking about then? all in one hand, so do not build trust

when codeless node for those who participated in testnet 1-3?

  1. When we can withdraw from the exchanges Binance, Coinbase, etc. the tokens on fxcore and pundixchain directly.
  2. When will YOU do the Xwallet swap of the pundix token to pundixchain?
  3. When will the Xpox be updated to pundixchain?
  4. When can we convert our pundix and fx tokens from FXwallet to BSC bsc?
  1. The FX distribution table for next 15 years is divided in 3 sections (Infrastructure Service Providers, developers and Financial Service Provider). Currently the infrastructure service provider portion is being distributed among the stakers. Who is/will be getting the developer portion? What is the process and eligibility criteria to earn tokens from the developer portion.

  2. Is EGF development funds the only fund reserve to develop fx ecosystem?