A web-browser based FX wallet (Not A MetaMask)

  1. Number of $FX requested (incubator fund): 100000 $FX;

  2. Proposal belongs to which segments: Developer Fund;

  3. Incubator fund distribution timeframe and milestones.

    • Distribution timeframe: 100k across 8 months.

    • Milestones:

      • 1st stage - 10k $FX - 1st month - initial repo, development and testing, plan and architecture
      • 2nd stage - 10k $FX - 2nd month - setting up test environment, writing required libraries or using the existing, figuring things out
      • 3rd stage - 10k $FX - 3rd month - testing transfers (receive/send) on testnet via web-browser, adding new accounts feature, bugs/fixes, docs
      • 4th stage - 10k $FX - 4th month - adding different networks, custom RPC, Chrome and Firefox compatibility fixes, UI/UX, docs
      • 5th stage - 10k $FX - 5th month - advanced settings, support, import and restore, bugs and fixes, support and more docs
      • 6th stage - 10k $FX - 6th month - testing transfers on mainnet, more fixes and security stuff, bullet proof steps to ensure people won’t lost wallets, UI/UX, docs, web interface improvements
      • 7th stage - 10k $FX - 7th month - Publishing official app to Chrome web store and Add-ons for Firefox, community requested features
      • 8th stage - 10k $FX - 8th month - Community extra features, Dapps?, more fixes
      • extra 20k $FX - cloud and server costs (maintaining a full testnet/mainnet node across the whole period), backend services, docs and other resources, also extra risk for the unknowns.


      • Estimation for each month (20 working days) is based on ~500fx/day (dev/team and to cover other IT costs).
      • The overall cost is based on the predicted complexity of the project. There are so many challenges to solve.
  4. Proposal details.

    • Name of the proposal: TBC (maybe something like NAMM? - Not A MetaMask)

    • Description: A web-browser extension (a cryptocurrency wallet) used to interact with the FX blockchain. It allows users to access their FX wallet through a browser extension or to interact with decentralized applications.

    • Mechanics: Javascript based (Node.js) software, compatible with Chrome and Firefox web browsers (and similar), used to interact with the FX blockchain by connecting to the specified node (without need to synchronizing a full node).

    • Questions (to community):

      • What features would you expect, apart of the blockchain transfers?
      • Which browsers would you like to be supported (e.g. Brave, Beaker, Opera)?
    • Proposed features (optional, if time allows):

      • Interacting with Dapps in your web-browser via web extension.
    • Benefits to F(X) ecosystem: It can be hugely beneficial for people to import and use their wallet outside a mobile app on their laptops.

    • Team: kenorb (kenorb (Rafal W.) · GitHub & User kenorb - Stack Overflow) and team.

      With over 30 years of software engineering experience, I specialize in variety of technologies, programming, tooling and delivering complex projects.
      I’ve been working for large enterprise companies, including a decentralized blockchain company for the enterprise clients across the globe.
      My recent personal project includes free and open source Forex trading robot which was developed across many years.

  5. Reasons why the project should be selected and supported and included an analysis of the competitive landscape;


    • Open source code smart contract and free to use by anybody.
    • Transparent progress during stages.
    • By using a web-browser solution, more people is going to know about FX.
    • Once this project is implemented, stable and challenges are solved, can be expanded to use with Dapps.
    • Funds are safe due to open-source nature of the code, anybody else could validate/verify the code which they’re using.
    • Easy to use from the web-browser.
    • Due to Node.js approach, we may have some compatible command-line tooling as well.

    The proposed project is more competitive, because:

    • Similar software such as MetaMask can only work with Ethereum, not FX.
    • There are not really much similar software on the market.
  6. Include attachments, such as GitHub links, product prototype, video, planning, blueprint, twitter, etc.

  7. Additional information;

    • TBC
  8. Licensing: GPL (open to suggestions).

    All code open-source (repo).

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Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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Brave compatible for me

Yes from me

Wow, you have 3 proposals

Hello - :+1: Yes would definitely be a plus for both Mac and Windows users.

I am already in favor of a web version, whatever the name may be :wink: - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

definetely a yes… we will need such a wallet to connect the desktop users to marketplaces like the FX DEX or NFT Marketplaces like opensea or others… FX could join the NFT game with it

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I support this 100%. A web interface like myetherwallet in addition to chrome plugin is also good.

a yes for me too!

Please include option to export private key like metamask or myetherwallet

:muscle::+1: This is a useful and clever proposal…

@kenorb Post development and deployment I believe there will be ongoing support/bug fixes/improvements as #Fx grows into an ecosystem beast with much features added.

Beyond the original timescales is this proposal how will such work be undertaken and costs covered?
Will you add new proposals with new work outlined and costed? or the funds for such work have been considered and included in this proposal?

Excellent idea and would definitely be a yes vote from @TheProphet

Beyond the original timescales is this proposal how will such work be undertaken and costs covered?

Most of the funds and costs are already covered. Beyond the original timescale the goal is to minimalize the costs to minimum by the following approaches.

  • After the original timescale, at that point we’re going to have community validator nodes (I’m planning to run one as well), to which the extension can connect to (ideally user could select from the existing pool). The cost of running validator node is already covered by the validaror’s fees.
  • All interaction with DApps are covered by the end user already (fees when applicable).
  • Any backend logic (if any) going to be moved to smart contracts.
  • Cost of domains or websites are going to be either self-maintained or transferred to free GitHub/GitLab pages (where source code can be validated), or even better, to F(X) web-based services (by utilizing smart contracts). As I think at that point we’ll have already decentralized solution for some kind of websites running as well (along with unique FX domains). I don’t know yet if the server is going to be needed for it (most likely not). Serverless solution is going to be more secure.
  • Features are going to be community driven.
  • Bug and fixes, either community or bounty driven. More major bugs, I can still manage cost-free (as I believe the app is going to be used on daily basis by myself). Further more, if there are going to be any smart contracts in use (for the purpose of running some extra features, such as token conversion), these fees can go into development fund.

To summarize, I don’t expect any other costs, by adding any new proposals with new work or costs, as the plan is to make it as much decentralized (and self-sufficient) as possible.


Very nice project
Yes for me
I support this project

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Hi @kenorb , like what I see and plan to vote yes on one of your projects.


  1. Can you share which proposals is your fav (you have multiple) so that we can concentrate our voting effort to get that one approved in our first batch?

  2. I like the trunches payout, do you thin it’s possible that grant is skewed toward beta-ready and even post-launch milestones, post launch milestones can be, say, reaching 1000 wallets usage on your services. Right now there seem to be quite a bit of grant trunches on early preparatory work.


I give you the tick on this one

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we absolutely need such a NAMM… for example this is on prerequirement to access the nft market on opensea for example…

i would give 5 yesses if i could…

  1. I’m going to go with the most voted/liked proposal for the start. I think this is the one (as it’s more universal). Other can follow later on or used as a backup.

    As not everybody knows how to play chess, and this is more practical. Unless somebody will find some way to do some hacks to make MetaMask to work with other blockchains, but I doubt it (its design is too specific I think).

  2. I’m going to think about it and improve a payout and milestone table shortly. Thank you for the suggestion.


Hi @kenorb, I am a developer working for PundiX.

You’ve made a couple of very interesting and exciting proposals. It seems that the proposal that is gaining the most traction is the “Web-browser based FX wallet (Not A MetaMask).”

The area we can support you on for starters if this project is voted through:

  • Expose an endpoint for you to connect to the f(x)core blockchain network

  • The f(x)core developer documentation can be found on our FunctionX github

  • If there are any other areas of support that you require from us, we will leave an open channel for you

With regards to the timeline and tasks, it is very comprehensive, but we would like to add/amend 2 milestones:

  • Onboarding 500 unique users

  • Able to pass security penetration testing (security would be of paramount importance)

These metrics aren’t set in stone and we would be open for discussion with you as well as the community. This extends out to other areas/aspects of the project as well.


it would be nice to add SWAP tokens like in Fxwallet

I vote yes. Fantastic proposal

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I am sure it is on its Way!

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