Adding FX to f(x)Core account

Not sure how to add FX funds directly to the f(x)Core account. I’ve managed to send WFX from my ETH address and USDT from my Avax address into the account but I can’t bridge to FX because you need to have some just to process the transaction. What am I missing?

Make sure you have the native token for gas fees.

  1. If you are on Ethereum and you want to bridge into FXCore, you need ETH for gas fees.

  2. If you are on Avalanche and you want to bridge your USDT into FXCore, you need AVAX for gas fees.

  3. If your tokens are already on FXCore but you do not have FX for gas fees, you can purchase FX on MEXC and send it to your address as MEXC supports FXCore network.

Note: Any bridge transaction into FXCore that is worth more than >$75, you will receive some FX at your corresponding address automatically after you bridge. Details can be found here.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I got ETH and AVAX to work on FXCore just couldn’t figure out how to get the FX for fees. I’ll try MEXC, is this the only way to onboard FX to FXCore? Hard for someone to figure out if they’re new to the chain

Currently, the only CEX that supports FXCore is MEXC so you will have to get it from there.

The team did hint that they are in talks with other CEX to implement FXCore, so we will just have to wait.

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So two options?
I could send $75+ USDT on AVAX chain (or another) then bridge that $75+ into Core then I would get some FX to do transactions?
or go through MEXC

Yup 2 options.

  1. Bridge airdrop (>$75 and above)
  2. MEXC and transfer out via FXCore

Currently, I can’t remember if Avalanche is entitled for the bridge airdrop but Polygon, Ethereum, Tron, and BSC is.


Cool, thanks for the help!

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