All About Memecoins – Showcase Your Creations!

ALO, Memes!

It’s time to kick start a new thread dedicated entirely to memecoins! This is your chance to introduce your fun memes, promote your meme tokens, and share everything that makes your project stand out.

In this thread, feel free to:

  • Shill your meme token
  • Add links to your profiles on social platforms
  • Post your latest marketing announcements
  • Provide links for trading your meme tokens
  • Share any other content that could catch the eye of the community

Let’s see what you’ve got! Make your memecoin shine here and let the community know why it’s worth attention.

If you’re keen to launch your own meme token, having fun in engaging community, trying out the something new; do submit your request via form below.

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Happy shitposting!



Hello everyone!

I am excited to introduce our new memecoin: Green Hathi. Green Hathi is more than just a token; it’s a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a great sense of humor.


  • Token: Green Hathi (GHA)
  • Social Media Profiles:
  • Latest Marketing News: We just launched our new marketing campaign on Medium! Participate in our meme contest for a chance to win free Green Hathi tokens.
  • Trading Links for Green Hathi:
  • Featured Content: Check out our latest meme on Twitter—it’s sure to make you smile!

Join Our Community

Green Hathi is not just a memecoin; it’s a way to unite the cryptocurrency community through humor. We believe that cryptocurrencies can be fun and accessible to everyone, and we are excited to see our community grow and have fun together.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Green Hathi!


MoonPup is the brainchild of $'tro. Since young, $'tro’s owner an retired astronuant has been tellling $'tro about his space travels. When $'tro discovered his owner’s old space helmet, he dreamt of flying to the moon. But with his little paws on the ground, he knew he can never fulfill his dream. Thus he decided to learn about blockchain & created Moonpup to send it to the moon!

Visit for details.
Follow $'tro on his adventures on twittter too!


Hey there, MarginX fam!

We’re stoked to introduce you to the wild and whimsical world of RooRooCoin ($ROOR), where fun, memes, and crypto magic collide. RooRooCoin ain’t just another memecoin; it’s a vibe, a movement, brought to life by our crazy cute red panda mascot, RooRoo, who – get this – thinks he’s a cat! Yep, you heard it right. RooRoo is a red panda with the swag and sass of a feline, adding a unique and hilarious twist to our tale.

What Makes RooRooCoin Lit?

  1. The Mascot – RooRoo: Picture this – a red panda with the personality of a cat, all decked out in a vivid chibi art style. RooRoo is the heart and soul of our brand, spreading playful vibes and endless positivity. With his signature red and white colors and smooth, painterly texture, RooRoo is the freshest face in the memecoin game.
  2. Community and Adventure: Every $ROOR token is part of a bigger, magical story filled with adventure and a tight-knit community. Our space is buzzing with energy, where everyone shares in the fun and excitement of our crypto journey. Whether you’re frolicking in sunny fields or holding ‘R’ coins, there’s always something magical happening.
  3. Dynamic Marketing: Our marketing is as lively as RooRoo himself! From eye-catching illustrations to lit social media content, we keep RooRooCoin trending and top-of-mind. Peep our latest updates and join the party on our social platforms.
  4. Trading and Accessibility: Trading RooRooCoin is smooth and fun, just like RooRoo. We’ve made sure our token is easy to grab and trade, so everyone can join in the RooRooCoin action without any hassle.

Our Epic Journey

We kicked things off by launching RooRoo tokens on Solana. But now, we’ve made the epic move to the Function X chain and got listed on MarginX. Why? Because we see mad potential in this young and vibrant community. As they level up, we level up, creating a win-win scenario full of opportunities.

And hey, heads up – the Solana version of RooRooCoin is now running solo. The community has taken the reins, and there’s no longer any link with our dev team. Our focus is all on the Function X version, which is where the real party’s at. We’ve got tons of exciting stuff coming up, and we can’t wait to drop those bombs on you soon!

Join the RooRooCoin Frenzy!

Ready to dive into the madness of RooRooCoin? Here’s what you can do:

  • Shill $ROOR: Tell your squad, your fam, and even your pets about the dope world of RooRooCoin!
  • Follow Us: Stay lit with our latest antics and announcements by following us on our socials.
  • Trade $ROOR: Hit up your fave exchange and start stacking RooRooCoin today!
  • Spread the Cheer: Share your RooRooCoin adventures, memes, and fan art with the community. Let’s make this space the hypest place around!

Important Links

Follow Us

For more deets and to keep up with our latest moves, don’t forget to hit up our profiles and stay connected. Let’s make RooRooCoin the GOAT of the memecoin galaxy!

Happy shitposting, and welcome to the RooRooCoin fam! ![:star2:]



Hi team!

This week we have released a new memecoin: Arowana Emas. Arowana Emas is more than just a token; is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with hopes of prosperity with a touch of humor. And wanting to contribute to the MarginX community and learn from it.

File: Arowana Emas (ARE)
Social media profiles:
Twitter: @Arowana_Emas
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Arowana_Emas
Follow the articles on Medium: Arowana_Emas (ARE) – Medium

I encourage the team to enjoy and learn. And continue growing in this crypto world.


Hi everyone. I am just getting back from Consensus. But will be releasing more details in the coming days about $COFFEE which is Coffee wif HOSS. 100 percent community driven with the intent of shedding more light and awareness on the Fx community and ecosystem as a whole. Coffee wif HOSS is 100 percent about education, helping others, and just about enjoying life!

Stop by the Friday Coffee wif HOSS shows every Friday 9am EST (didn’t have one this past Friday due to the Consensus event). But looking to ramp things up starting this week.

Token Details:
Token Name: Coffee wif HOSS (COFFEE)

Max Supply: 222,222,222,222


75% for Liquidity Pool (LP): 166,666,666,667 HOSS tokens will be allocated for providing liquidity.

10% for Airdrops: 22,222,222,222 HOSS tokens will be airdropped to the community.

15% for Marketing and Community Building: 33,333,333,333 HOSS tokens will be allocated for marketing and community-building activities.

This allocation ensures a healthy liquidity pool to support trading, rewards loyal community members with airdrops, and fuels marketing efforts to grow the Coffee wif HOSS community.

Stay tuned for the launch of our website and much much more…




Meow, rooting for @CosmosHOSS