AMA on friday, 11th of June at 10:00 GMT+8 (SGT time)

On Friday at 10:00 am GMT+8 on June 11, FunctionX President @DavidK, Council Member @yginting and @PundiXLabs Co-founder and CEO @zaccheah will host an #AMA session. Join us! Subscribe to our official YouTube channel here.

For any topics that you wish to be talked about in the AMA, feel free to reply to this thread.


Great to see an ama before the end of the staking. Im sure a lot of people are curious to what is after the 15th,
On the fx unofficial market telegram group we had the following questions we would like to hear more about:

1: What marketing plans does pundi/fx have to spread fx and functionx? (With an eye on expanding adoption of the function x mainnet)

2: What efforts are being done to get FX listed on more exchanges, and if there are difficulties in getting it listed can you share the reasons why they are not?

2.1 what exchanges is pundi/fx working on listing $fx? (Keeping an eye on that there are less than 5k holders)

2.2: what time frame can we expect these listings to happen?

2.3: is Binance amoung the exchanges that are being targeted for listing? If not, why not?

2.4 will fx be paired with usdt?

3:After the launch of mainnet core, to what extend will Function X OS phone be prioritized? (Now BOB is put on a longer timeframe)

4:Will pundix be aiming to sell xpos machines to those who only seek to do validating/earning fx? or will there be a seperate platform for those purposes?

Thank you in advance and see you the 11th


What are the phases for releasing FX os ?
Base requirments for FX os ?

Is there samples shared regarding fx Docker and fxtp anytime soon before mainet.

Are there new dapps mockups created to be shared as ones previewed on functionx startup show ?

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Can we have a summarized document version or preferable animated video for what FX blockchain provides, why it’s needed and how it can be used (people who have no experince in blockchain).

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Mr.Zac as you have great experince in developing, what’s the score you assume techi or geek would rate functionx tools when it’s released. From 1 to 10.

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Great list. Would like to see each of these answered!

  1. hints of a “decentralized xpos” have recently arose, which leads to a yearning of percipience

  2. will a marketing design for america become implemented in future, short/long term. including but not limited to community management and engagement with small marketing teams.

  3. does team currently have members dedicated to seeking collaborations with other projects, and if so, which projects

  4. are there any events, seminars, or conferences that any team members will be attending

  5. will pundi/function expand its team, distributors, and/or affiliates in america

  6. when can we see a resurgence in interviews with media companies, youtube channels, and/or live platform organic talk sessions. (twitter spaces, clubhouse, telegram)

Thank you for the question. Will answer some here and keep some anticipation for the rest in AMA :wink:

On marketing. We like people that sing our praises do it from their heart, not paid. We are not big on paying to get onto billboard or influencer or telegram signals. Maybe one day it will change but for now as a startup we really want to focus on organic growth and organic PR. Due to the growth and upcoming launches, we have gotten organic interview, coverages invitations etc and expect more to come. Please also know that we have significant mind share in events like MWC, Davos, CES and more.

On exchanges. We have a solid listing team, legal team and legal opinion and that puts us in a good footing to many exchange listing, which we have 30+ exchanges listed for $pundix and $fx. Do we want more, yes we do and we will get more listing for sure. What we won’t do is to paid millions of USD to get listed in exchange. We also don’t comment on when and which exchanges. It happens when it happens.

On US market. Clearly a vv important market. We have onboarded to master/distributor that sells XPOS to merchants, we also are listed in e-commerces and have PayPal Here enabled for US merchants. Expect more from us from the U.S. Also can’t wait to sat foot personally on US when borders open up.

Cheers! See you on AMA.


Do I read correctly between the lines that there may be one or more exchanges being difficult by asking exorbitant listing fees? (that would be troubling as I don’t think its controversial to expect it to be a larger exchange doing that then.)

We were hoping for a little more push towards getting $fx on a broader availability as there are functionally only 6 exchanges that offer $fx, and half of those are Asian oriented, meaning that EU and North/south American adoption is still somewhat difficult.
I know from talks in the telegram groups that there is a pool of people waiting for $fx to be listed on more mainstream exchanges before they want to buy (mostly due they do not want to make an new account on another exchange.)

To what extend influences waiting for the launch of mainnet core the listing on exchanges?

Question from a different order:

What about the/a coop with Hyve?
Are there plans to add the Hyve token to the f(x) wallet or xwallet?
And maybe a staking option for Hyve?

The question comes from fact that @zaccheah is advisor to this very sympathetic team.
And they already ordered and use a load of the xpasses to.
Very nice io and usecase they have.

Maybe answer has to come from Hyve, but i am just curious about the (if there will be any) cooperation between pundix Labs and

I respect your decision about organic growth and PR. Still the FUD keyboard warriors should be dealt with via banning on social media if they don’t want to change their behaviour. Ofc there are negative ppl in every project but by us is a lot and dedicated ones.

which we have 30+ exchanges listed for $pundix and $fx.

We are not making an attack against the project when items like this are brought up. What the FX core community is looking for is a broader approach to making the exchange proliferation for FX be a focus. A serious problem FX has for organic growth is the censorship issue that pops up when price divergence happens on coinmarketcap. The Korean exchanges are well known to reach significantly wide arbitage spreads. When this happens CMC will Mute their price and volume, subsequently throwing the coin metrics into a turmoil. I wont name names, but a certain exchange that owns CMC does not have FX listed, and thus controls the effective valuation of the coin currently.

This type of muting should abate as more market saturation occurs. Getting FX a true USDT pair on a exchange with serious daily volume will help reduce the wild swings and “PND” attitude I feel many investors see when they look at a low cap coin like FX with doing no research.

What I believe the community would appreciate is

A clear action plan for the FX army to embrace. Directed efforts would be a great boon to help steer sentiment and will help clear up the questions many of us have regarding community engagement. The community will absolutely rally behind the team.

I do not believe we can reach true decentralization with the current availability for token proliferation in a market sense. I do think however, having tie ins to BSC and the upcoming swapping tools will create that environment in a natural way, which is the future of DEFI.

Thanks for replying!