f(x)Core Testnet with EVM

Hi all,

We are currently working on enabling an EVM module on the f(x)Core Testnet. There will be a Web3 JSON-RPC layer which will allow for interacting with existing Ethereum clients and tooling (metamask, remix, hardhat, etc). This means developers can deploy smart contracts!

Will need the help of all you bug-catchers out there when this happens, which is some time within this month.

So do stay tune for any updates~


Hi guys and girls,

We are now working on EVM integration into FXCore, which means we will be able to support Ethereum-based DApps directly on FXCore once we succeed in the integration.

It’s still work in progress, and our engineer @magicOctopus will keep everyone posted here. Also, if you’re a developer, we very much welcome you to test, deploy and stress test and even crash our FXCore Testnet with EVM support. Will share the how-to in a week or so.

Thanks and keep buidling!


Great news Zac . That’s a new step :relaxed:.

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Great news.
And great handle…:slightly_smiling_face:
Read that you work on 6 computers at once…thats a little disappointing for one with 8 arms…:wink: :wink:


:fearful: don’t tell my boss


Great news…
Time for me to start looking at Solidity, then ?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Looking forward to it. I would love to work with you guys and help develop DAPPS and really create an eco system here we can all thrive in.


You are welcome with open arms, we would love to work closely with 2 - 3 teams in the early stages to bootstrap DApps on FXCore.


Hi all! check out this post from @Richard

Hi all! f(x)Core Testnet with EVM is live on the testnet! See this post~ will update you guys with the RPC URL soon!

EDIT: for now you can use this for your RPC URL, chainId: 90001.
you can find the faucet here, just paste your ethereum address and select the ‘100 (fxCore) FX / 24h’ option. :octopus:


Let’s find the three best EVM DApps launched before 2022 on Testnet and I’ll give three some token of appreciation!

literally will be tokens :slight_smile:


Hey, Just a question for the staff. @zaccheah @Richard

After connecting my metamask to the rpc for EVM on testnet. I used the faucet to give myself funds. It gave me 100 ETH…

Why is the token being provided ETH? is that just metamask seeing the base token as ETH ?

If this is the case; then what will this mean for mainnet ? If we need to get the base token that is supported on the EVM via facuet then how will this work on the mainnet?

When adding custom RPC you want to put currency symbol as “FX” instead of “ETH” or blank, hope that helps.


My issue isn’t with what the system thinks it’s called.

I m just concerned as to how It will marry the FX CORE we have vs the FX that needs to be used in testnet…

if there is a way to do this I would like to use the FXCORE I have on the tesetnet and trasnfer it to a EVM wallet on testnet…

How would I go about doing this?

@l4zyboi are you saying that you have FX in an fx address (eg. fx#########) and you would like to use the same wallet by somehow importing it to be used on metamask?

do you have access to an installed and updated fxcored on a terminal? (updated fxcored using the method shown here)

I might be able to help you, if your answer to these two questions is yes.

Yes I have a fxcored updated on the terminal.

I want to transfer funds from my fx############# to the ETH wallet address on my metamask.

I don’t really want to open the fx wallet on metamask I was to transfer FX I have into FX for EVM.

If you have ETH on FxWallet in the Testnet ERC20 blockchain (0x… address), you Can transfer it on your MetaMask TestNet ERC20 wallet.
Otherwise, you need to transfer crosschain from the Testnet FXCORE to the testnet ERC20 MetaMask address. You need to setup your FxWallet to work on both FxCore and ERC20 testnets first.

@l4zyboi alright this is what you do. you take the 0x wallet address you want to transfer FX to, and use this command on the terminal fxcored debug addr <0x address>. it will return you an object and under the key “AccAddress” will be the corresponding fx### address. You can send FX to the fx### address and it should show up in your 0x wallet address. i hope this is clear :confused:

use the command fxcored tx bank send to send FX using the terminal. Do checkout the documentation as required. Link here.


Thank you sir :slight_smile:



This is the updated details for the configuration on metamask and try out our uniswapv2!