f(x)Core Update 20220214: f(x)Core Supports Validator Customized Avatar

Starting from Feb 14th, 2022 (Singapore time), validators on f(x)Core mainnet can upload customized avatars. This customized avatar would be seen by users via FX Explorer and f(x)Wallet application.

View this update at GitHub - FunctionX/fx-validator-list
View customized avatars currently used by validators on Function X StarScan


Hi @Chloechloe and thx for this update !

Should we send our updated logo to @ClaudioxBarros for updates on the github ?
Would it be possible to add a guideline to such proceeding in the ReadMe file ?


!!?? You have to send to @Richyshadowlux

Hi Mdmdmd83. Yes, we’re working on the guidelines and will add it to the ReadMe file. Briefly, the process to use the customized avatar is as follows:

  1. upload your desired avatar (.png, 800*800, less than 2 MB) and pull request
  2. we have a colleague for avatar review. Once things are ok, he’ll merge the pull quest. The avatar then could be viewed by other users