F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet

Yep. You setup a full node and don’t initialise it as a validator. Configure it using the color code provided.

For validators on testnet, there have been some issues with the blockchain consensus on testnet, so we would need you to upgrade your testnet nodes.

you will have to stop your nodes, checkout the branch and restart the node with the new binaries.


done :+1:


All set as well…


Hi everyone,
I am trying to setup a full node according to this tutorial: Full node with Binaries - Function X Docs

But I am getting an error, saying that I need to use fxcored 1.1.x version. Should I go with old version or I am doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Nomad.

Download a pruned and recent database instead of the full one, using the latest version.
It should work.


Hey FrenchXCore,

I have tried that but it is giving me 403 Forbidden Error.

Try to change the date in the URL link to a more recent one…

Thanks, it worked :relaxed:.

Is there way to get information( API endpoints)about Marginx, PundiX blocks from fx core node or do I have to setup separate nodes for these subnets?

Because endpoints at 26657 providing information only about fxcore blocks.



for marginx, not open yet.

for pundix, refer to https://docs.pundix.com/ which will be announce and open soon