F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet

This will be the thread to discuss anything related to setting up a validator node on f(x)Core Testnet


Ready my Friends


The link to the hashout for the validator node setup is below. Do take a look!

Great I haven’t even got past system requirements and I’m confused all ready, what instruction am I following for a Cloud node. not enough separation I can’t even begin
looks like I need a new computer don’t think my old PC is dual core, confused about the Ensure the system OS is set to Ubuntu,
never used Ubuntu is this an OS i need to add/install to my system or is there some windows Ubuntu setting I’ve never heard of?

  • the cloud set up is just an option. if you have the hardware requirements, you may set it up on whatever device you prefer

  • the minimum specs are dual core. unfortunately, if you do not have the base requirements specs, you might not be able to set the Testnet validator node up

  • yes Ubuntu is an OS. it is the preferred system for the setup

thankyou; it’s a AMD athlon II X2 235e processor so I’ll assume it is by the 2x.

I’ll just have to work out Ubuntu


Do we need a static IP address? I would assume this is needed?

Hi all,

Thanks for all the support. Let us know if there is any question or difficulties regarding to the setup.

We will be ready to help.

Thanks in advance.

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it is actually not necessary but it is preferred

AMD athlon II X2 235e processor.

yes this is a dual core. you may refer to this link to see the specs

I’ll just have to work out Ubuntu

let us know if you face any issues

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In regards to hardware wallet security could you please help me understand what the HSM key holding process is especially with FX core not being supported natively on these devices yet?

Do you know if a Ledger Nano X will work? That is the device I currently have.

Thank you

It most likely will @Telchar , part of the reason we want you to go through Testnet together is that we avoid screwing up on Mainnet. I am also setting up one myself, fwiw :slight_smile:

As I live in Texas I am very wary of the ability of my electrical grid to maintain during a storm event (like earlier in the year when I was without power for over a week) and hosting at my home location, despite the HSM privacy that entails.

Is anyone else considering a co-location rack rental space for this? That type of HSM environment makes me Extremely wary and requires a massive amount of trust.

Could anyone explain how Cloud based nodes have a HSM? From my understanding most of them are Digital. That implies a security risk to me.

Would love further discussion on this topic!

Can you explain what they are and difference: fxcored, full node and validator.

f(x) Core is the Function X Blockchain.

What is a validator?

The role of a validator is to run a full-node and participate in consensus by broadcasting votes. Validators commit new blocks in the blockchain and receive rewards in exchange for their work. They must also participate in governance by voting on proposals. Validators are weighted according to their total stake.

What is a full-node?

A full-node is a program that fully validates transactions and blocks of a blockchain. It also maintains historical information about the state of the blockchain, unlike a light-node that only processes block headers and a small subset of transactions. Setting up a full-node is a prerequisite to becoming a validator.

You can find more details here: Function X: September Hash Out. Setup a validator node on f(x)Core… | by Richard Ng | Function X | Medium

In addition to Indra’s explanation, if you are asking about fxcored,

Fxcored similar to Ethereum geth, is a command-line interface for implementing an f(x)Core node

A step-by-step video would be nice. From installing Ubuntu till set up a validator.

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Can we make a full node already for mainnet?

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Still have errors installing fxcore. One already fixed, but the make install still gives a error

How we be come of validator on fx